Fresh honey?
Posted by Jess Bradley (+208) 11 years ago
Does anyone in Miles City have bees and sell fresh honey and/or honeycombs? It seems like I have heard the name Simpson or Sampson? How can I get a hold of them? I really love honey but hate the processed stuff you buy at the stores!
Posted by cg-17 (+21) 11 years ago
The name you seek is Simpson Honey Farms. I think Mrs Simpson sets up at the farmers market. If not the headquarters is on bridge street where the old moving company used to be.

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Posted by Steve Allison (+976) 11 years ago
phone number 234-6325
Posted by Ted Stein (+94) 11 years ago
The Grind carries fresh honey as well.
Posted by Kelly (+2743) 11 years ago
The fresh honey at Main Street Grind is from Simpson Honey Farm.