Kinsey 4-H club taking over "We Support Our Troops
Posted by CLD (+546) 11 years ago
The Kinsey 4-H club is taking over the responsiblities of the "We Support Our Troops" group. Please call Lori at 234-7579 and give her current addresses of full-time enlisted military personnel, so care packages can be sent to those deployed overseas. The kids will be putting up new yellow ribbons on main street and updating the ones that are up. Donations can still be dropped off at Carolyn's Embroidery at 906 Main. Thanks, kids, for taking on this project!! Thanks for supporting our troops!!! Call Lori for the e-mail address of the group if you'd rather e-mail the address.

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Posted by Heather84 (+367) 11 years ago
What an awesome thing for those kids to do. Knowing how 4-H helps to shape character and the inherent maturity of lots of our country kids, I'm sure this huge task will be in great hands. Many thanks from a military mom to Carolyn and her crew for their fantastic support of our many family members currrently serving to protect us all at home....and another thanks to Kinsey 4-H Club. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!!
Posted by LJ (+104) 11 years ago
Our e-mail address is [email protected] because everything smaller having to do with We Support our Troops was taken. Please let us know current names and addresses of your friends and loved ones serving overseas. We are planning to get boxes out within the next few weeks so please let us know. We have an old list so 4-H kids will be contacting the people on the list verifying information. Any questions, be sure to ask us.