Quality of Care at Holy Rosary Healthcare
Posted by CS Hunt (+322) 10 years ago
I preface this story with the fact that I am an HRH employee.

On Monday, October 4th, my wife went into labor with our fourth child. She called Dr Macmillan's office abruptly at 8AM and he told her to get in asap for observation.

When we got there we breezed through admissions and went straight to OB. Cami (our nurse) received us with a smile and got right to it. She introduced herself and went into a thorough explanation about the process and how we were going to work through it. All the while getting the monitoring equipment in position and ready. She also explained to us Dr Macmillan was in Surgery at the time and was unsure of how long it would take him to get to us, but she was in direct communication with him.

It didn't take long to establish my wife was in active labor. Dr Mac was soon in the room and apologized for his delay (what a guy). He explained what he knew about my wife's situation and how we would proceed, and what his expectations of us were, what his role and the role of the nursing staff would be as we moved along.

We transfered to Labor and delivery. We were given thorough explanations the whole time. We were advised what would help speed the process, but it was suggestive, not imperative, and we were left to our own decisions on the direction of care WE wanted. Things slowed a bit, unfortunately, but my wife helped as much as she could and I was supportive as much as she allowed me to be.

I could go into the long story but the details aren't important. Both of us, having healthcare backgrounds know the difference between people IN healthCARE and people who work in hospitals. These people are IN healthCARE.

The nursing staff (Cami, Vicki, Kim, and Malinda) were phenomenal. The were supportive, empathetic, caring and professionally and technically competent. They had great peer to peer communication that was only second to their patient care and communication. The Nurse Anesthetist (Michelle) was unbelievably fast in getting the epidural done correctly the first time. We also had a nursing student (Scott) that will someday give them a run for their money when it comes to caring for people in a healthcare setting. He is fortunate that he has such awesome role models and mentors. We are fortunate to have someone like him to care for us in the future.

Dr Macmillan is a man other physician providers could learn a lot from. He maintained a cheerful and sometimes comedic disposition no matter the hour he was needed. His relationship and demeanor with the staff made it easy for them to relax and do their jobs so he could get done what he needed to as a provider and so my wife (the patient) could relax because of the high level of confidence she had in those providing her care and the care for our (at the time) unborn child. He commanded respect and cooperation from the staff and didn't DEMAND it as so often is seen. How he controlled the situation with his attitude and words is an example that can be used in any life situation, not just the delivery room.

Dr Tailleur was the physician who graciously took it upon himself to care for our daughter because our pediatrician was out of town. An inconvenience for him? Could've been, but you'd never know it by how he cared for our child and addressed any concern we had. The man is a 6 and a half foot tall mountain of caring, patience, and understanding.

The support staff was equally amazing. Dietary, Lab, Admissions, Housekeeping and whatever department Dixie works in NEVER were intrusive, abrupt, or rude. They were polite, professional, courteous and wonderful representatives of their respective departments, the hospital, and professions.

I've dealt with these people in some form or another on a professional level during my shift in the radiology department. So I expected a certain level of care because I know they expect that from me. But when I experienced the care they provided my wife and child, I was blown away. I always presumed they were good at their job. I was wrong. They go above and beyond what is "expected" of them. This isn't "a job" for these people, they care. REALLY care. They could've been lax because I work their and know what goes on and they didn't have to play it up. Well I can tell you everything they did was genuine, caring, professional and past the end of that extra mile that they are told they should try to go.

I am blessed to be a part of the HRH team, and to have such wonderful people caring for my family and myself. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Chuck Hunt and Family.
Posted by Denise Selk (+1665) 10 years ago
This has been my experience two of the three times I delivered at Holy Rosary as well. The third (which was actually the first child) was the experience from hell.
Posted by DStone (+147) 10 years ago
I am a patient of Dr.Mac's and my due date (Oct. 17th) happens to fall on his vacation. As this is my first child, it obviously made me more than anxious as I've become so used to Dr.Mac and his wife Lynn. Most doctors going on vacation would just tell you when they'd be back and who would be on call, but not him. He went above and beyond to make sure I was set up with a doctor I felt comfortable with (even though it was someone outside his practice) incase I had to deliver while he was gone. Miles City is very fortunate to have such a caring and well educated doctor such as him! As uncomfortable as I am at this point in pregnancy (who isn't at 9 months?), I hope to hold out just to have him deliver my baby into the world.
Posted by BJM (+146) 10 years ago
Dr. Mac is wonderful! I recently had surgery and him and his staff were very caring professional and upfront about everything that was going to go on. Dr. Mac's wife who works w him is also wonderful. They both go above and beyond to make one comfortable. When I was waiting on test results and very nervous, Dr. Mac called me at home which happened to be a weekend so I wouldnt have to wait until Monday. If i asked a question during my appointment and he wasnt quite sure, he would research that day and call me. What a blessing we got these Doctors in our communtiy