Information on missing building
Posted by Scott Merrill (+13) 15 years ago
When I lived in Miles City in the mid 60's, there was a large two story building which has since been replaced by smaller homes. If my directions are correct, this building sat on the block between Brisbin St. and Comstock, from S. Strevell Ave. to S. Stacey Ave.

I had been told that at one time this building was used as a hopital, I believe it was a private residence when I was there, although vacant. It had a large fireplace on the main floor, along with an elegant dining room, a large kitchen, and many other rooms. Two stairways led upstairs, a wide, railed stairway with two landings went uo from the main room, while a very narrow one came from the back of the kitchen. Many rooms (bedrooms?) were upstairs. The buiding had a great porch and a misterious basement.

I have often wondered about the true history of this building, and what ever happened to it. Anyone with information, maybe even pictures? I would sure love to hear the stories.
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11808) 15 years ago
The old Darcy hospital. Really a shame that it was torn down in the days when "old" buildings were seen as nasty. I have some stuff at my office about it. I know someone gave dance lessons--maybe the Caledonians--there at one time and Denise Hartse has told me stories about the inside. I only remember the exterior.

Posted by Chuck Schott (+1286) 15 years ago

The way you described the old hospital is the way I remember it as well. It had to be the mid 60's when I can remember exploring (AKA breaking and entering) the old house. We where 10 or 12 years old and we where sure it was a haunted old mansion. I can not remember being more scared at any time in my childhood as those times we went "exploring" in that old house. I think we even got up the nads to go in there once on a Halloween night, but that could be my 50 year old memory embellishing my childhood.

It must have been torn down in the late 60's or early 70's because I bought a claw foot bathtub from the salvage sale to paint with flowers and "hip" sayings. I then put it in my bedroom, filled it with pillows and groved to the Rolling Stones( yes kids the same Rolling Stones you saw at half time in SB 40) while laying in the tub...........I was cool.

Thanks for the memory, I haven't though of that old Hospital or that hippie bathtub for years.

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Posted by Scott Merrill (+13) 15 years ago
Thank you Amorette and Chuck for your messages. It is nice to know that I am not crazy, when asking my sister about the building, she couldn't remember anything. Would love to hear more from anyone. I too remember screaming like a girl when scared to death inside, maybe we all used the same "entrance". Sounds like we may be about the same age, as I was also 10 to 12 when I explored the building in the 60's, quite an adventure and memories that will last a lifetime. I still have a tile from the fireplace and an old military pin with crossed rifles that I found there, cherished treasures. Thanks again, Scott