In Loving Remembrance of Caroline Wetmore (Hay)
Posted by Heather McCracken (+16) 19 years ago
Some time ago I posted a messege asking if anyone knew how to get a hold of an old friend - Caroline Wetmore (Hay). Her mom saw the post and e-mailed me, I replied with my phone number and soon, after 15 years - Caroline and I were on the phone.

I also come to this site to read the Star. I was shocked and deeply saddened to see that Caroline just passed away in a drowning accident...............

I want to thank the creators and moderators of this site for helping us to get back in touch. As badly as I hurt now..........we just spoke again a couple of months ago I was going to call her this weekend to tell her of our impending trip to MT.

So many memories come flooding through. We grew up in the same church and schools. We both played piano and spent many hours pounding out and singing duets at both our homes.
I'm betting we drove our folks AND the neighbors crazy on many occasions. One of her first questions to me was "do you have a piano?" I told her once we have the house finished I'm going to get one and she'd better come see me so we could take the next step and drive our kids crazy!

We did a lot of things together and had a lot of good times. We had our share of battles together and with each other. Always one or the other of us would call and usually never bring up the incident. Sometimes it'd take days, other times months but we always ended up calling and acting like we'd just talked the day before and the fight never happened! This time the time lapse was not from a fight but just from life going on, moves, bad choices, good decisions. But just like before, when we finally talked on the phone, the time gap closed and it was like yesterday again.

We even had our first pregnancies together - two days apart and across the hall from each other at Holy Rosary! When we talked we found out we both have 15 year old sons that we're facing some tough love issues with............

Now Caroline, I'm truly going to miss you. Be at peace.

Love Heather