Broadus Road
Posted by Klista Roberts (+10) 19 years ago
I am driving up to Miles City this weekend, and have heard a few horrendous stories about the newest construction on the Broadus Highway. Highway 59. I am coming up from Denver, and can take an alternate route if advised. If anyone knows, please post. Thank you!!!
Klista (marmon)
Posted by Pete Petro (+285) 19 years ago
There is one stretch of highway 59(12-15 miles) between Miles City and Broadus that is pretty rough construction in spots with a 35 mile speed limit. There is also some costruction in the Broadus area at times, but not too bad. The part of Highway 59 between Miles City and Broadus that was under construction for the last two years is finished and beautiful, except for maybe a little seeding and striping. I don't know what kind of an alternate route you could work out directly from Denver, but if you get to Belle Fourche SD, you can go north, I believe it's Hiway 85, to Bowman ND and get on 12 and come straight to Miles City. Or you can get on I 90, if you're not there already, and go to Crow Agency, take 212 to Lame Deer and then 39 thru Colstrip to I 94 west of Forsyth and east to MC. Or you can stay on I 90 till you get to Hardin, go north to Custer and hit I 94 there, which is a shorter route, believe it or not, than the one through Crow Agency. These alternates would be quite a few extra miles and I don't know about construction on them, either. If I were doing it I Would take a chance on 59 thru Broadus, but of course I'm not doing it. Hope I Haven't thouroughly confused you.
Posted by KELLY BABCOCK (+189) 19 years ago
Hi Klista,
I'm not quite sure why you had planned on taking the "back" roads up, but your best bet is highway 25 to I90, and then taking the cutoff at Hardin, on hiway 47, into Custer, and then I94 East into Miles City. It's a little bit longer, but equally fast, because of the better roads.
Try our hiway information at, or 1-800-VISIT-MT, for road conditions.
Have a safe trip, remember it's a holiday weekend.
All my best,
Posted by Chuck Littleton (+141) 19 years ago
I travel the Broadus highway frequently and there really is no need to take an alternate route unless it is raining.
The construction you will encounter from Denver is about 2 miles from the 'Biddle' Junction in to Broadus, then about 2 more miles outside of town ending at the highway 59 north junction. As for the work around Volborg, it's about 12 miles and all the work as of Friday (27th) is all along the side of the road with no holdups except for an occaisional Scraper crossing the road...have a great trip and be safe!
Posted by Klista Roberts (+10) 19 years ago
Thank you for all of your responses

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Posted by Bonnie Schott (+8) 19 years ago
Hi there - I'm looking for an update on the condition, highway construction progress, etc. of the MC to Broadus highway, so your tips & suggestions please? (My mother-in-law and father-in-law Ruthie and Don Schott and their friends might be making a trip to Broadus to dine at the Judges Chambers restaurant, sometime in August or September). Thanks!

Oh, and aren't these Forums wonderful? Thank you Miles Webmaster! - Bonnie