Ben Winkley update
Posted by Kristine (+42) 11 years ago
Hi Everyone,
I'm sorry I haven't done much updating on how Ben is doing. On the weekends when I'm here in Miles city, and able to get onto the computer, I work 16 hours each day... so, I don't get home till after 10 pm, and have to be at work again by 6 am. Sleep has become a very precious commodity.
Ben is doing very well with his cancer treatment thus far. He has completed 2 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, and has been doing daily treatments of radiation on a spot of cancer on his lower spine. Dr. Lucas is very pleased with how well Ben is doing, and amazed.
Back in July a Pet scan was done on Ben's entire body which showed that he has cancer throughout his entire body, and it is very aggressively attacking his hips, pelvic, and femur bones. Because the cancer is eating away at Ben's bones, the Dr has ordered him to a wheel chair to try and prevent his hips from snapping, because that could be very dangerous to him with the chemo he is on, not to mention painful.
On August 2nd, Ben, Myself, Ben's mom Clara, and our 2 little girls were in a very bad car accident while we were driving from Miles city back to Billings for Ben's cancer treatment. The officer on the scene believes that my back passenger tire blew, causing me to lose control of the blazer, go into the median, and then flip and roll up hill and finally land on the drivers side on the opposite highway. I was thrown threw my windshield and was up and on my feet almost before I knew I was on the ground. Ben, Clara, and the girls were stuck inside the vehicle, so I did whatever I could to get back in the vehicle to help them out. It was only God and his angels that made us all survive that wreck, and not only that, but come out of it with minimal injuries. (Clara suffered a fractured clavicle and cracked ribs). We took Ben to the doctor amost immediately the following morning, and Dr. Lucas was amazed that he hadn't literally fallen apart inside, and was doing far better than clara and I were (I didn't break anything, but my whole left side was bruised, and partly swollen, and my chest hurt a lot from where I hit the stearing wheel). Anyways, Ben recieved a few scratches and some cuts on his knee from trying to crawl out of the car through glass.
This Thursday Ben will be recieving his 3rd round of aggressive Chemo, and on either friday or Monday they will begin to do radiation on his brain from when they took the brain tumor out on July 6th. Normally they would have done radiation sooner on his brain to kill and left over cancer cells the doctor had missed. In this case though, the doctor had to focus on other parts of Ben's body "putting out fires" before they could start on his brain so that they could attempt to give him better pain control. It seems to have worked so far.
Ben generally doesn't get to nauseated, but when he does, has some meds that seem to help him to over come that. His mood is upbeat, and he still says he isn't going anywhere and that he WILL be the exception to the rule.
We would love to hear from you guys, and it does Ben good to know that people care about him and are continuing to keep him in their thoughts, and prayers. So, please, drop us a note, and keep on praying because we all need all the prayers that we can get!
Posted by luvlife (+293) 11 years ago
Beautiful message Kristine...thank you. You are quite a tough cookie! I will continue to keep you on my prayer chain and thankful the benefit is coming soon. Boy, when we think we are having a bad day... we all need to think of you... for a real attitude adjustment.

God Bless Ben, you and your family.
Posted by Kristine (+42) 11 years ago
Thank you very much.... if I am tough, and strong, it's only because I rely very heavily on God and ALL the prayers people are praying for us, AND because I have a lot of great Family and Friends who support me and my family and who do everything they can to help. Ben and I never realized how great people are, and how much support people give. People from all over Montana, and other states too, have tried to help us, and we're on prayer chains accross the country, Several local businesses are contributing to our benefit, and in Billings the American cancer Society, the Radiation Center, and the Oncology Centers have been great. When I go to work, my co workers are usually very awesome and make me laugh, and are understanding when I need to run home to help Ben or the girls and they actually took up a collection to help us with our house payment the month Ben had his brain surgery. And also, the girls are great too...sometimes they don't even know how much they help me when they run up and give me a quick hug and kiss and then run off.
If I had to do it on my own, I'd never be this strong. But God's always there, and he always sends the people that we need.
Thanks again everyone out there for everything you have done, and continue to do for us!