Scammer hits Glendive and Miles City
Posted by Josh Rath (+2313) 11 years ago
From the Mondak Press Association:

Emilie Boyles - Montana East Regional News wrote:

Fraud Alert - and Louis Michael Figeuroa or Figeuroe (he spells his name both ways. Numerous outlets have written and broadcast stories about his walk across the country to prevent child abuse. He says he is sponsored by Kiwanis International and is a spokesperson for and Justice for Children and is being housed gratis by Best Western and Holiday Inns. I've talked to all except Justice for Children and all say no. He was sponsored by until 2004 when he went to prison. Great example of why it is necessary to verify facts!!! Pass on to other news organizations. He is traveling the I-94 corridor west.

Heads up to everyone. If he wants money, get away from him.
Posted by mtgman (+90) 11 years ago
Just run!
Posted by James Shaw (+143) 11 years ago
Naaa.. Just mess with him.
Posted by Mandyrosy (+186) 11 years ago
He was near Miles City yesterday and had found local volunteers (through a plea on the radio) for lodging and to drive escort vehicles. They called the Star for an interview, so I went out and met him.
Hard to say if he is exactly a fraud or not - he did say that he was not directly affiliated with Protect, just encouraging people to become members. He does appear to be walking across the country and trying raise awareness of child abuse - Protect is a child protection lobby.
He did have some pretty doubtful details in his story, but did not ask for any money or financial support. He doesn't ask for donations on his website, either (link in first post) ...
Posted by Emilie Boyles (+253) 11 years ago
Josh's post was from the Mondak Press Association on Monday.'s executive director told me that he had been affiliated with them in 2004 - then his walk was interrupted due to legal trouble which were followed by nearly 2 years in prison.

I did speak with the executive director of Justice for Children after that post and they also said that there was no affiliation and no way to track if memberships were being directed to them from his computer.

The public relations director for Kiwanis International said that in addition to being an old logo on his website, he was not authorized to use their logos.

All three asked for local law enforcement contacts.

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