New Miles City Speaker's Bureau Event
Posted by Joe Whalen (+183) 17 years ago
The Miles City Speaker's Bureau will host "Badlands Child/Moving into the Storm" with Philip J. Burgess. The public is invited, free of charge, to Miles City Books & News on Friday, June 13th at 7:30 p.m. for a reading/signing and discussion session.

Mr. Burgess uses humor, tragedy, and pathos in his stories and poetry to pay tribute to old busted-up cowboys, homesteaders, veterans, Cheyenne Indians, Saigon prostitutes, road-killed dogs, hobos, coyotes, Hereford bulls, John Deere tractors, and others who taught him that no one can take the things that really count away from you, that sometimes pride can save your soul and pure luck can save your life, that the dirtiest and laziest member of the community still has his/her place, and that failure and disaster are just part of the deal.

Burgess observes, "Buffalo instinctively move together into the storm, facing it and submitting to it at the same time. This land and its earlier inhabitants (wildlife, Indians, settlers) can teach us lessons that will help us weather the storms of terrorism and other threats of modern life. Early Montanans were forced to rely on one another in order to survive. Members of those isolated early communities took some of their greatest joy in helping and entertaining one another. Appreciation for their neighbors and their closely-knit communities helped many settlers keep going even beyond the limits of common sense. Individuals were often respected more for their ability to struggle courageously and honorably than for their financial and political success."

Philip Burgess's family came up from Nebraska in 1885 to live and work on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation for twelve years before moving on in 1897 to begin ranching near Fairview, MT. Mr. Burgess is presently a full-time poet, whose latest collection "Badlands Child" was published in 2001. He worked for thirteen years as a veterans' therapist after living the life of a pilgrim and a soldier for fourteen years.

This appearance is sponsored by the Miles City Speaker's Bureau partners: Custer County Art & Heritage Center, Miles City Books & News, Miles City Public Library, and Miles Community College. It is funded in part through Montana Committee for the Humanities & Montana Cultural Trust.

For more information please contact Mark at the Art & Heritage Center, west of Miles City on Waterplant Road, or call 232-0635.