Ranches in Custer County - Strode Ranch?
Posted by Linda R. (+15) 12 years ago
I work at a library and am trying to help a charming 89-year old gentleman with his family history. He is wanting to confirm that his mother and grandfather lived in Custer County, Montana about 1913-1914. He said "My mother Mary Alice Kiser cooked for the Strode Ranch (or the Strode brand?)when she was about 15 or 16 years old. She said they employed about 6 or 7 cowboys, they were very nice people and easy to work for. Her father, Yancey Kiser, hunted wolves and received two dollars for each pair of wolf ears from the government." Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone know where information about this ranch could be found? Thanks!
Posted by montanaman (+293) 11 years ago
here's a very helpful resource book mark it and it has Strode in it just use the search. http://www.glorecords.blm...entSearch/
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+594) 11 years ago
The only Strode land patents for Miles City office were in Rosebud County...two 1/2 sections (320 acres each)
1918 Edgar A Strode Section 28 Township 10N Range 34E
1919 Loretta Strode East half of Section 8 Township 10N Range 34E

Loretta was Edgar's sister in law. (One of the Section numbers MAY be a typo.)
I don't know when they lived on their homestead patents- some people filed & "proved" them up just to sell them. In 1912 the prove-up time was shortened from 5 years to 3 years..so they would have been on the land 1915 or so. The patent (title to land) was awarded after prove-up time.

1900 Colorado Routt- Four Mile
Strode Edgar A partner- farm laborer
born Sept 1876, 23 yrs age, born Illinois, father Kentucky, mother Illinois

1910 Minnesota Minneapolis (indexed Stcode)
Mathilda mother 61 wid born IL, fath KY, moth IL
Edgar 34 born IL, fath KY, moth IL house carpenter
Frank 36 marriage1- 4yrs born IL, fath KY, moth IL house carpenter
Lorretta wife 23 2/2children alive born IL, fath IL, moth IL
Allan 2
Emery 7/12

1920 Illinois Springfield
Strode Edgar 43 house carpenter
Matilda 76

1920 Oklahoma Oklahoma City
Strode B. Frank 45 divorced house carpenter
I couldn't find Mary Alice Kiser in or around Miles City. Did she marry there? & to whom?

I don't know what Kiser research you've done, here's what I found.
Mary Alice-
parents Yancy Kiser & Elizabeth E Thomas
paternal grandparents Noah Kiser & Rebecca A. Siar (Syer)
paternal greatgrandparents Samuel Syer & Eveline Lawson

1910 Indiana Harrison Taylor
Kiser, Yencey 45 married 1, married 25yrs born Ind, fath Maryland, mother born Tennessee farmer, owns farm
Elizabeth E 43, 8 children born/7 living, born Indiana, parents born Germany
Burrel N son 16 farm laborer
Lawrence L son 14 farm laborer
Mary A daug 11
Edna E daug 8
John M son 9/12
Kiser, Louis 39 married 1, married 2yrs, born Indiana, parents born Germany farmer
Christina 28 1child born/1 child living, born Indiana, parents Indiana
Eva L daug 1 11/12

1900 Indiana Harrison Taylor
Kiser, Yancy May 1864 Indiana, Indiana, Indiana 36 yr age, married 15 years
Rosa E daug Nov 1888
Carrie F daug July 1891
Burril F son Feb 1893
Lawrence L son Mar 1896
Mary A daug Jan 1899

30 Oct 1884
Harrison Co Indiana Book J page 427
Yancy Kiser
Elizabeth Thomas

1880 Indiana Harrison Taylor
Kiser Noah 49 Maryland, Maryland, Tennessee plasterer
Rebecca 28 (?) wife Indiana, Maryland, Tennessee
Yancey 16 son Indiana, Maryland, Indiana farmer
Siar, Elverline 59 mother widow TN,SC,TN

1870 Indiana Harrison Taylor
Kiser Noah 36 house plasterer Kentucky
Rebecca 23 Indiana
Yancey 6 Indiana
Siar Anna 50 Indiana
Siar Benjamin 17 Indiana farm labor

Harrison County Indiana
19 December 1857
Noah Kiser
Rebecca A Siar

1850 Indiana Harrison
Samuel 32 farmer Maryland
Eveline 29 Tennessee
John A 9 Indiana
Noah J 8
William L 6
Andrew J 5
Pleasant 3
Elizabeth 6 mos

1860 Indiana Harrison Posey
Elverline 39
John B 19
Noah J 18
Wm L 15
Andrew J 13
Pleasant B 12
Elizabeth N 10
Rebecca A 8
Benjamin F 6

Harrison County Indiana
5 August 1840
Samuel Syer
Evelyn Lawson

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Posted by Linda R. (+15) 11 years ago
Thanks Cindy, you are very kind to do so much research! I found some of what you researched, but not nearly as much. I suspect that Edgar and/or Loretta Strode were the ranchers. My friend said that they employed the cowboys to help get the cattle ready for shipping. Perhaps Edgar & Loretta Strode are related to the Strode family in Liberty County? Since Miles City was a transportation hub it makes sense... I don't think the Kisers lived in Montana very long. They went to Canada for awhile, then to Missouri. They are hard to track because of moving around so much. Mary Alice married Clifford Simons in 1917 (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri). Her father Yancey eventually settled in Bureau County, Illinois and the rest of the family seems to follow. Thanks again Cindy for all your help!
Posted by Linda R. (+15) 11 years ago
Thanks for the link! I suspect the Strodes in Miles City are related to the Strodes in Liberty County...
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+594) 11 years ago
That was Thomas Strode. I think a whole different family- his parents both born/died in Kentucky by 1874. Maybe another generation back there is family overlap.

His place was a long ways from Miles City...by Canadian border north of Marias River. He ran sheep in large numbers 10-12 bands (10,000-12,000)getting in & out and back to cattle. I read an article where he said he always timed the transition from sheep to cattle wrong & was lucky to be even with the bank when he shipped. It went on to say the only years his operation ran in black were years after his death.

He would have shipped on the Great Northern & used Great Falls as trade center or a town in Canada. That is a completely different region than Custer County- Miles City.

I eliminated him because I thought it too far ever be confused with Custer County & Miles City. Those were the days when 15 miles was still considered a distance. The Northern Pacific Railroad & the Milwaukee Railroad went through Miles City.

The Strodes- Edgar & Loretta were homesteaders, didn't have big enough place to have more than few dozen cows. I did look for other spellings to no avail. It may be that they are not who Mary Alice cooked for. I can't see how they would have had much going on but a hard scrabble existence.

Here is Thomas Strode's bio from Progressive Men of Montana.

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Posted by Linda R. (+15) 11 years ago
Thanks Cindy! You are a wealth of information and your overview of the situation makes perfect sense. I thought it might work as the Strode brand(?), but you're right, it is unlikely Thomas Strode would ship so far away from his place up north. This is a mystery... I will give my friend what you have found, maybe something will turn up with a few more clues.
Posted by montanaman (+293) 11 years ago
for five dollars you can have the montana historical society research for your brand , population census, and land records

Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+594) 11 years ago
The Montana Historical Society has a wonderful research staff. In state residents can have research performed for $10 first hour, $25 each additional hour. Out of state residents are charged $25 hour. Both include some photocopying.
Or purchase an annual individual membership at $55 which includes 2 free searches.