Rehberg Revises Miles City Listening Session
Posted by Emilie Boyles (+251) 10 years ago
Congressman Denny Rehberg has revised his weekend plans in eastern Montana.

Due to late congressional votes, his staff will still conduct listening sessions in Miles City on Saturday, July 31st at Miles Community College at 1pm and in Wibaux at the courthouse at 4pm. Congressman Rehberg, however, will not make his plane out of DC for those sessions although his staff will still be there to take community concerns.

The congressman still plans to be present at four other listening sessions over the next few days. He will be available at public listening sessions on Sunday, August 1 in Scobey, 1pm at the Musuem Visitors Center and in Plentywood at 3:30pm at the Sheridan County Courthouse

On Monday, August 2nd He will be in Wolf point at the Senior Center at 10am, and 2pm in Sidney at the Community Services Building.
Posted by Stone (+1591) 10 years ago
"Denny Rehberg, is working to sell your vote to corporate America.

By blocking the DISCLOSE Act, they are allowing corporations and organizations to keep secret the role they play in political ads. Same goes for the wealthy donors whose contributions help pay for those ads.

We'll never know who they are.

In short, the DISCLOSE Act, supported by Senators Baucus and Tester, would have protected the voice that citizens like you and me have in the election process. They want you to know who's behind political money and who's putting up the big ads.
Help take back our voice.

But Rehberg thinks corporations are more important than you are. As a result, he and fellow Republicans are working to block the DISCLOSE Act and sell your voice to the highest bidder.

"Without this legislation, folks in Montana are bound to see more deceptive political ads funded by shadowy organizations who won't even identify themselves," Jon said in official statement this week after Republicans blocked the measure.

To that, Baucus added, "We have got to make sure elections remain in the hands of the people. This is about standing up for the rights of regular folks, and I'm going to fight like the dickens to protect those rights.""

Plus, he is spitting in the face of Montana fire fighters and public servants with his frivolous lawsuit. It is time to send Denny packing. He can go hang out with Conrad.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+16811) 10 years ago
That dirty crook. Thank you for posting that, Stone.
Posted by Stone (+1591) 10 years ago
By Cowgirl, on July 26, 2010, 8:57 pm

"Hot on the heels of Rehberg's lawsuit against firefighters, the poaching trial of Rehberg State Director Randy Vogel is on the court docket in Virginia City, MT, August 11-12. The trial is especially important in this case because, as Roll Call reported following a House ethics committee inquiry into the matter in April:

The House ethics committee voted Wednesday not to investigate an aide to Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) who is accused of illegally killing an elk, deferring to a pending state trial on the matter.

Indeed, according to Roll Call, the ethics committee found that Rehberg has not removed Vogel from the position of state director, rather, Vogel:

"is on leave without pay pending the outcome of the trial, the ethics committee report states."

Rehberg's website does not list anyone in the position of state director, nor has his office has made announcement of a replacement. Though Vogel's attorney claim that he insisted Vogel take the leave "to focus on the trial," according to Vogel's Linkedin account he is currently selling insurance.

I do believe this incident, in a cumulative effect, will drag Rehberg down in a significant way, coming as it does not just on on the heels of the firefighter lawsuit scandal but also in the context of the Flathead boat wreck incident. It's a big enough story so that it will continue to roll out and embarass the Congressman, and Vogel, as we now see, is going to try to protect his own ass, not Rehberg's.

Vogel requested a full jury trial, the kind the media loves. That's not the action of someone who is trying to quietly sweep his misdeeds under the rug to protect his boss. Vogel, a former state legislator himself, may believe he has his own political future to protect. In the aftermath of the boating wreck, the Rehberg spin machine was pretty effective, proving again that Republicans seem to be generally better at that stuff than Dems. But again, as time passes the facts of the accident, not the post-accident spin, is what will be indelible."