Posted by roberta campbell (+53) 15 years ago
At the Miles City Genealogy Society site, most of the books are listed as out of print. Is there any other place in Miles City that sells the book, "Custer County Cemetery Interment, all burials to 1990"?
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11432) 15 years ago
Problem is, it is a huge thick pile o' pages and cost a fortune to print. Unless you can find someone who has a copy and wants to sell it, as with all out of print books, you might be able to have someone photocopy just the pages you are interested in. I have a copy at the office so I could look someone up. Library has one, too.

Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+14673) 15 years ago
How about scanning these books into pdf format? That should be fairly cheap.
Posted by Eric Brandt (+849) 15 years ago
It can be easily arranged so long as there are no legal limitations on the information. I have a client (school) that can scan directly to pdf at 32 pages a minute. It takes a little bit of time at the other end, but the OCR is fantastic and ads a lot of value. It might be possible to arrange for that work to be done there since Amorette's office is non-profit...

Scanning from a bound original is a lot slower than 32 ppm - (since you have to manually place each page on te scanner) so it will depend on the operator - but a proficient operator should still be able to get the job done fairly quickly. If the originals are unbound and in fairly good shape, the document feeder can scan two sided at 32 ppm.

I have a smaller machine in my office - but it's a lot slower than the big one.

Let me know and I'll try to arrange a resource.

Posted by Hannah Nash (+2500) 15 years ago
The best source for local genealogy continues to be the Miles City Public Library.

Resources include:

Microfiche (newspapers, birth/death records, census)
Complete cemetery listings (to the present)
Montana Room with local history books/surrounding county history

These resources are available free of charge.

If you require research and are not able to visit the Library, this service is offered at a resonable rate. Please contact the Miles City Public Library at the information below:

Miles City Public Library
One South 10th St.
Miles City, MT 59301
Ph: (406)234-1496
Email: [email protected]

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the friendly staff of the Library.