Tornado in MC
Posted by Jane McCauley (+14) 11 years ago
Does anyone recall a date for a tornado in MC? 40's or early 50's.
It travelled South on Woodbury, turned right on Leighton. Was preceded by intense yellow light. Blew all the glass on our Woodbury facing windows through the house. I don't recall the other reports of damage.
Posted by Jane McCauley (+14) 11 years ago
Not a reply, just an update to my previous message. My sister remembers coming home to a board-up house in the summer, late 50's or early 60's. I trust her memory more than mine.
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11898) 11 years ago
I do the Stardust and haven't hit any reference to a tornado tooling down the street in Miles City. You'd think that would have made the news. So late fifties is out. I'll keep an eye out for early sixties.
Posted by Lisa Parsons (+25) 11 years ago
There was one here in late 70's early 80's, it did alot of damage around town.
Posted by J. Dyba (+1343) 11 years ago
My father witnessed one touch down by Fort Keogh back in the early 80's I believe.
Posted by Bob Netherton II (+1910) 11 years ago
Lisa - I remember a massive hailstorm about that time, and funnel-cloud sitings aren't that unusual, but I don't recall a tornado touching down in MC during that period.
Posted by junebug (+52) 11 years ago
There was a tornado in the 90's about 1994 that came through Southgate and did destroy one home and damaged a few others.

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Posted by Linda Stallard Santoro (+16) 11 years ago
We lived on Woodbury near the Garfield School until 1950. I was almost 11 and do not remember a tornado. I do remember a horrific middle of the night hail storm in the early 50's that stripped the trees bare and caused a lot of damage. Our little apple tree bloomed in Sept.
Linda Stallard Santoro
Posted by Dan Mowry (+1431) 11 years ago
Regarding the 70's-80's hailstorm - I certainly remember that. Got hammered bad. I recall no tornado at all.

As for the Southgate storm my recollection was that it was considered not a tornado but a "microburst." I was a firefighter at the time and responded to it for injuries and S&R. I remember Officer Mike King yelling at the top of his lungs over the radio about a tornado, and I have no doubt it looked like one, but I think the record books say microburst.
Posted by David Schott (+17424) 11 years ago
The big hailstorm I remember was in, July (I think), of 1978. It was a bad one.

Dan, that's funny to think of Mike King getting all worked up over a Southgate "tornado". He was probably worried that his log cabin house was about to become kindling.
Posted by Mary Pat (Brady) Young (+95) 11 years ago
I can remember a really bad hailstorm in the early `60's, but don't think there was any tornado activity. I had just put in an order for a new 1962 Corvair and had a trade-in estimate on my 1956 Ford. I sat at the window and watched the hail on Montana Avenue just beat my car mercilessly! Needless to say, when I went to complete the deal, I got a lot less on my trade in!
Posted by David Schott (+17424) 11 years ago
The Miles City Star
Sunday, December 31, 1978

[i]"The Year in Review"
"Weather dominated the news and conversation in 1978"

by Owen Jones
Star Staff Writer

When it came to discussing people's favorite topic -- the
weather -- Miles Citians had a lot to talk about in 1978.
It was a year of freakish weather, and it caused some of
the greatest damage in memory to local buildings.

The Miles City Star has dubbed the weather the biggest local
story in 1978.


There was little warning on Tuesday, July 18, of the
destruction brewing in the skies around Miles City. The
forecast in that day's newspaper gave an ordinary outlook:

"Partly cloudy and cool with scattered showers through
Wednesday. Low tonight 54. High Wednesday 76."

The storm struck like a thunderclap.

It began about 6:50 p.m. Hail the size of golf balls
propelled by hurricane force winds tore through the town
accompanied by heavy rains.

It shattered hospital windows, beat up cars, swamped low-
lying areas, leveled homes under construction, destroyed
precious stained glass church windows, stripped trees,
destroyed shrubs, and left hundreds of people without
electricity and telephone service.

The temperature dropped by 25 degrees in minutes. Wind
gusts were recorded up to 80 miles per hour and the city
was drenched with 1 1/2 inches of rain.

Those caught out in the storm told tales of a roar so loud
that shouts could not be heard. Cuts, bruises and welts
were suffered by those who tried to make a run for it.
People went home after the storm and said it looked like
glass and water had exploded inside their houses.

The next day the city took stock of the damage. The first
estimate was $1 million worth of repair work necessary.
It quickly climbed to $3 million as local insurance companies
were swamped by claims. About a week after the storm,
insurance agents were figuring closer to $4 million worth
of damage.

Repairman from all over the U.S. flocked to Miles City to
repair roofs, put new siding on houses and fix windows. Car
body shops were inundated with work. Some said it looked
like cars had been worked over with a ballpeen hammer.

Repairs went on for the rest of the summer and into the fall.
There is still work to be done in Miles City.

The hail storm overshadowed other weather during the year that
would have been very notable all by itself.

Posted by Jane McCauley (+14) 11 years ago
Thanks, everyone. My last summer in MC was 1962, so it preceded that date. Indeed it was accompanied by hail which also filled our house, along with the shattered glass.
Jane Kearney McCauley
SHHS, 1958
Posted by Shu (+1800) 11 years ago
Regarding the '78 storm; by some small miracle, my family avoided getting caught in it. We were on vacation when it took place (in central-California visiting my dad's siblings, I believe). My folks hadn't been in-touch with our next-door neighbors, The Milligans, who were tending to our pets in our house. You can imagine, then, the shock we felt when we pulled back into town and noticed many buildings with broken windows covered with plastic. Then we pulled-up to our house and saw plastic over our windows, too. I do remember Clara Milligan (God rest) telling us about golf-ball-sized hail doing the damage. We were kinda glad we hadn't been around for that.
Posted by LJF (+5) 11 years ago
July 6th 1962, Miles City had a hail storm and tornado touch down East of town and took the roof off one mobile home at the Alta Trailer Court, if I remember right. We lived on Montana Ave and had
2 broken windows where we lived and 42 broken windows in the Apartment building near us.