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Posted by Carol Mackenzie (+22) 11 years ago
My greatgrandfather was J.G. Mackenzie who homesteaded at Miles City in 1880 and I think he owned the Grand Hotel at one point. I know there were other McKenzie's in the area so maybe I have it wrong. Does anyone know? He was the father of Ann Mackenzie McLean, Catherine Perham, Ina O'Neil, A.G. Mackenzie, F.W. Mackenzie and my grandfather, Royal Mackenzie from Ismay. I have info from a book at the MC library that said it was 1885 when he owned it, but I didn't write down the book's name for some reason, and the book didn't say how long he owned the hotel. I don't remember how the author spelled Mackenzie either. I live in Billings and don't get over to Miles City very often anymore since most of those Mackenzie's have died off. My dad, Roy's son, is 92.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Carol Mackenzie
Posted by Kacey (+3154) 11 years ago
Click on the bottom of the page on the link for Recollections of Old Miles Town. Under Roster of Old Timers it lists three Mackenzie names:
1880, February -- Mrs. F. A. Stein. March -- N. P. Sorenson, Mrs. Lucretia Sorenson, W. N. Haynes, Mrs. W. N. Haynes, P. Haynes, Ella Haynes, Chas. Haynes. April -- T. J. Thompson. June -- Jasper Straight, S. G. Hotchkiss, Mrs. Margaret Mackenzie, Mrs. Anna McLean, Mrs. Kate Perham, Mrs. Margaret O'Neill, A. G. Mackenzie, F. W. Mackenzie, Sarah E. Thompson, Mrs. Sarah McKay. July -- Mrs. Sarah E. Maples, E. R. Maples, C. L. Riley, John M. Holt, B. K. Holt, H. Vander Goerek. August -- S. Fred Cale. October -- A. H. Swerdfiger. November -- C. W. Wilson.
Posted by Carol Mackenzie (+22) 11 years ago
I did see that list. Margaret Mackenzie is my ggrandmother, Mrs.Perham, Mrs. McLean and Mrs. O'Neil are her daughters and AG and FW Mackenzie are her sons. Do you know where I could find any information about the Grand Hotel ownership? I think JG Mackenzie had it in 1885 if, indeed, the owner was JG Mcnz. I know some other McKenzie's were also located around Miles City.
Thanks for the reply!
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+592) 11 years ago
I just noticed your query. The Clerk & Recorders office and/or a Custer Co title company might have old ownership records for the hotel. Amorette may have the street address.

I poked around a bit and here is what I found-
John G had at least 2 wives--Elizabeth in 1860 census MAY have been a 1st wife for three total. The mother of Anna was Rosa A; the mother of the rest of his children was Margaret who was a domestic in his household in 1870. A Anne McKenzie MacLean researcher says Anne's mother was Rose McFarland. History books also have conflicting dates on moving to Montana. There are a few more places to search, if you do not have the wive's maiden names.

Tom Stout's History of Montana vol 3, pg 1263
Custer County-
John G. McKenzie brought his family from Stillwater, Minnesota to Montana 1892 locating at Miles City. He was in the hotel business there. His death occured however on the O'Neill ranch when he reached the age of 80 years and his widow passed away there a few year later. Parents of three sons and 3 daughters- Mrs. Kenneth McLean- Miles City, Alexander G- Salt Lake, Mrs. W.T. Perman- Glendive, Margaret McKenzie (Mrs. Daniel O'Neill), Fay W & Royal McKenzie both of Powder River.

1884 Montana State & County Directory
McKenzie, John G rancher---Miles City

I looked in Stillwater Co- Minnesota

Washington Co History webpage
1848 John McKenzie settled there

1850 census Minnesota Washington Co- Stillwater
John McKensey 30 laborer born Scotland

1860 Minnesota Washington Co- Stillwater (McKenzie)
John G 38 farmer $4000 real property, $600 personal property, born Scotland
George 27 lumberman $1000, $400 born Scotland
Douglas, William 46 farmlaborer born Scotland
McKenzie, Elizabeth 36 born Canada
McKenzie, Catherine A 71 born Scotland
McKenzie, William M 11 born MO
McKenzie, Duncan 26 farmer born Scotland
Shampoo, David 21 farmlaborer born Canada

1870 Minnesota Washington Co- Stillwater (McKinzie)
John G 50 $8000 $1000 farmer born Scot, parents Scot, US citizen
Rosa A 34 born NewBrunsick, parents NB
Anna 3 MN
George 37 Scotland
Dyle Margaret 23 Domestic New Brunswick
Carlson, Edward 15 farmlaborer Sweden
McKain, Daniel 19 ", NB
Cendall, John 20 ", Canada
Johnson, Charles 33 ", Sweden

1875 Minnesota Washington Co- Oneka (McKinzie)
John G 56 Scotland,Scot,Scot
Margaret 33 (or35) NB,PrinceEdwardIsland,NB
Anne 8 MN
Catherine 2 MN
Maggie G 0 MN
George 42 Scot,Scot,Scot
Ferguson, Sara 57 NB,NB,NB
McAfee, John 60 PrinceEdwardIsland,Scot,Scot

1880---couldn't locate them

1900 Montana Custer Co- Miles City (McKenzie)
Mclean Kenneth 39 sheepman
Anna 33 born MN, fath Scotland, moth New Brunswick
Madge 12 MT
Ina 10 MT
W.Bruce 6 MN
Kenneth Miles 2 MT (died later at 3 yrs age)
McKenzie John G fatherinlaw born March 1819 Scotland, 81yrs age, parents born Scotland, naturalized citizen
Margaret motherinlaw born June 1839 New Brunswick, 61yrs age, father born Novia Scotia, mother Canada-French
Margaret G born June 1874 Minnesota, father Scotland, mother NewBrunswick, school teacher

1900 Montana Custer Co- Knowlton
Fay W Mckenzie Oct 1878 MN ranchman

1900 Utah- Salt Lake City
McKenzie, Alexander head Dec 1876 MN reporter
Kathryn, sister Dec 1877 MN school teacher
Royal M, brother Feb 1883 Montana at school
all with father born Scotland, mother Canada

Collections of Minnesota Historical Society
McKenzie, John G pioneer
born in Ontario in 1819, died Miles City November 1902
He settled in Stillwater Minnesota in 1847, engaged in the lumber business removed to Montana in 1880.

from History of St Croix Valley (Minnesota) published 1909

John G. McKenzie died at Miles City. He was born in Scotland 1818, came to Stillwater 1846, removed to Miles City 1879.

John McKenzie and George, his brother, were natives of Scotland, where John was born in 1818. He came to America in 1841. He early located on an arm a few miles from Stillwater. He married Rose Carlton in 1872 and removed to Miles City, MT in 1879 where he died in 1900; George was much younger and came here in 1851. During the Civil War he thought he was a rebel and when in a conivial mood, he took much pleasure in shouting on the street "Hurrah for 'Jaff' Davis". But nobody paid any attention to him. About 1890 he went to the Far West, and was accidently drowned in San Francisco Bay.

There is a photograph posted of John G on ancestry & extensive research tracking McKenzie back to Scotland. 2nd wife Margaret Macphie/McAfee was also a McKenzie descendent. The G was for Gillanders from his mother Catherine Gillanders. This researcher says June 20, 1880 arrived in Miles City by wagon train with family, first leg of trip by railroad to North Dakota & the name of the his hotel was "Grand Central". I will give you his contact info if you email me.

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Posted by Bonnie Smith (+13) 10 years ago

I've sort of been following you around the world. I just replied to your post from 2004 on the site about John Mackenzie and Catherine Gillanders. I started looking for info on Catherine and found you again on this forum. My grandfather Is AG mackenzie. I have the famous Bible given to Catherine from Anne Gillanders.

We're definitely related,

Bonnie Smith, Castle Rock, CO
Posted by Bonnie Smith (+13) 10 years ago

My dad is AG's son and he is 97. His name is William Alexander Shelton Mackenzie. Our fathers are cousins.

Bonnie Smith
Posted by Carol Mackenzie (+22) 9 years ago
Wow Cindy, I am so sorry I did not get back to you especially in light of all the info you compiled on my behalf. Thank you so much. I knew a lot of the family history from the son of JG Mackenzie but now I can research some of these books you have mentioned. As an excuse of sorts my post here brought me into contact with 2 descendants from other children of JG and meeting them has been a real joy and we got caught up in sharing information and photos and stories so that I neglected to check for a reply here sooner. I do appreciate all your efforts and will continue to follow these new leads.

Thank you again.

Carol Mackenzie
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+592) 9 years ago
No problem, enjoy tracing your family through time.