Thank You Butch! Great Father's Day Meal!
Posted by skoh (+331) 10 years ago
Once again, Butch Grenz and his hard working waitresses and cooks offered a wonderful service to Miles City. The Boardwalk offered FREE meals to all fathers for both lunch and supper! As always, the food was delicious, the portions were huge and the staff worked super hard to get everyone seated and served. By the time they opened for supper at 5, there was already a standing room only crowd. We were amazed at how quickly and smoothly they took our order and got our meal on the table. What a treat for all the fathers to be treated to a FREE meal of their choice! I applaud the waitresses for remaining friendly and pleasant when it was so busy. The money saved on the free meals should have been given to the waitresses. Thank you again Butch and staff!