Surname Search(THOMPSON)
Posted by Cheryl Thompson (+61) 15 years ago
I come to you all with a request on info. on Col. H C Henry clay THOMPSON, B.1847 D. 1936 in Miles City Montana, Came to Miles City 1876 and was barried in Miles City on March 21, 1936 @ Miles City Cemetery. That is all we know because my dad's dad died when he was 3 years old in 1948 his uncle was H C Thompson who's son was Tommy Thompson, his name sake, who is barried in Cedar Rapids Nebraska. If anyone knows anything about Col. Henry Clay Thompson, barried in 1936 March @ Miles City Cemetery I would Love to here from you. THANK YOU CHERYL THOMPSON I am at the end of the road, but have alot of info. on Thompson's from that era and would Love to share. With Love Cheryl Thompson
Posted by frank Masterson (+18) 15 years ago
Dear Cheryl,

See my reply to your earlier message re H.C. Thompson, which you poster at 11:09 am on 12/12/05.

Frank Masterson