H C Thompson
Posted by Cheryl Thompson (+59) 15 years ago
Hellow my name is Cheryl Thompson and my great uncle was H C Thompson, we no he was there from 1879-1936 when he passed, and believe he is barried at the miles city cemetery, but don,t know anything else. If any one out there knows anything we would greatly appreciate help. Thank You Cheryl [email protected]
Posted by roberta campbell (+53) 15 years ago
There is an article in "This Last West" by Dr.Hoopes about H.C.Thompson. Do you have this?
Roberta Campbell
Posted by frank Masterson (+17) 15 years ago
I remember your Uncle "holding court" at the Elks Club in Miles City, during the late 1920's or early 1930's. My Dad took us kids to the Club to see "Colonel" Thompson and hear stories he told of the Old West as a soldier in the Indian Campaigns and elsewhere.

To honor his life, I made a sculptural plaque, portraying Colonel Thompson. The plaque is hung in the Masterson Gallery in the Range Riders Museum in Miles City. In case you are unable to visit that Museum, I am describing below what I put on the plaque:

Henry Clay Thompson, 1847 - 1936

One of Miles City's first citizens.

Teller of tales from his past as:

Cavalryman, Civil War, 1863 - 65

Infantryman, Indian Campaigns, 1869 - 79

Wagonmaster and Scout, Fort Keogh, 1880's - 90's

Wagonmaster, Spanish-American War, 1898 - 99

Known by all as the "Colonel"

Best regards,

Frank Masterson
Fredericksburg, VA