Mosquito war
Posted by Smiley (+847) 11 years ago
The mosquitoes are out pretty bad. I went for a short stroll this evening and got attacked super bad. Time to stock up on bug spray!

Just another great aspect of summer
Posted by Dave Golterman (+243) 11 years ago
Worst place I've ever been for mosquitoes is Williston, ND. Williston sucks even more than Glendive for that reason!
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11757) 11 years ago
The advantage to all those drought years! Now, we will have mosquitoes and grasshoppers at plague levels. Oh, joy.
Posted by Gail Finch Shipek (+94) 11 years ago
Back in '97 my daughter was getting eaten up by mosquitoes when we were in Miles City. Grace Hughes suggested she drink tomato juice with garlic in it. Worked wonders.