Happy Mothers Day
Posted by Tom Bair (+113) 12 years ago
Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful ladies that are mothers out in this world. Thank you for all that you have do. Please list your thanks to your mother. My mother had 10 children and worked so hard all of her life and gave us all she could. Her love and to teach us about the Lord and his son was to me the best. Now she is with the Lord and we will see her soon. So God Bless all Mothers.

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Posted by gierke (+192) 12 years ago
happy mothers day to all mothers!!!!!!!!!
Posted by kelly l (+52) 12 years ago
Thanks! I wish the same to everyone else!
Posted by howdy (+4950) 12 years ago
Just had a lovely cookout compliments of my daughter and her family...Happy Mothers Day!!