Antram Genealogy
Posted by Dudley Redden (+1) 20 years ago
To Larry Antram,

I am a cousin of your father. My parents are Lela and Leroy
Antram. We attended the Antram reunion this summer at Jerry
and Sue's house.

We have the genealogy booklet done by Erskine Antram. Are
you actively working on the family history?? Are you
interested in getting more information on the family? Dudley,
my husband has been doing a lot of genealogy work on his famile
and we hope to update the Antram family history. We use the
Family Tree Maker program, version 4.0. Perhaps we can
exchange information. We have a CD writer and can copy some
of the information for you, including some pictures in JPG

We are presently in Mass., but leave on Jan 1 to go to Fla.
for the winter. The E-mail address is the same in either

We hope to hear from you soon. Tell us about yourself and
your family. We have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. They
all live in Mass. Happy holidays to you!!!!

Lois Antram Redden
Posted by Gabriel (+8) 19 years ago
hello my name is gabriel and i'm from peru,i'm 22 years old, my father's name is Reynaldo Pizarro Antram, and he was named Reynaldo after his grandfather, my great grandfather, Reginald Antram, he was irish, and i've been searching for a long time for some information about the history of the antram family, i've always asked my dad about my great grandfather, but he also doesn't know too much....if you have any idea, or if you have heard about Reginald Antram, please i would be glad to know something about it, thanks for everything.

p.s. my email is [email protected]
Posted by Webmaster (+10001) 19 years ago
I might suggest checking the Antrim genealogy forum at GENFORUM. (Antram and Antrim are essentually the same surname -- just different spellings). There's quite a bit of information there. Perhaps you'll find something.

Regards, Larry Antram Webmaster

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