The MilesCam Update
Posted by Josh Rath (+2312) 12 years ago
Here's an update.

1. has received 2000+ hits per day since turning on in march.

2. We are working on getting a second camera on Main Street, which would be looking into the underpass. Donations are more than welcome to make this happen! (You can donate on

3. If you aren't a fan of MilesCam on Facebook, you should be! I update alot on there, more than anywhere else... So if it is down you will know if you are a fan!

4. Main Street Grind has been the best location to host this since Day 1... And I am currently working with them on a second MSGLive Camera. More to come.

Questions? Just ask!
Posted by Cory Cutting (+1279) 12 years ago
This is damn cool Josh. Personally, I don't think one looking at the underpass would be all that exciting (unless it floods!). But looking west on Main might be nice. Since you are building an empire of cams in MC, maybe one on the car wash in front of Ace looking south! Then you get all the MC hot spots~!
Posted by Kyle L. Varnell (+3752) 12 years ago
Hey Josh, I just noticed that you no longer seem to be using that JustinTV thing anymore.

Perhaps this explains why I couldn't find the Cam on their iPhone App.
Posted by Josh Rath (+2312) 12 years ago
Yes Kyle, i switched to a similar service, They are a bit more reliable, and they have a smaller overlaid logo. I believe they have an iPhone app also.


Check that out. Seems the site is more popular by the day! :P

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