nra baquet
Posted by Charleen Schliep (+18) 13 years ago
join usfor the 13th anual friends of nra banquet
when:sat. may 1 2010
where:eagles manor miles city montana
doors open at 5:30 pm no host cocktails
dinner prepared by redneck bar b q at 6:00 pm
tickets are $30.00 per person and must be pyrchased in advance.
tickets can be purchased at red rock sporting goods
or by calling:
charleen 406-545-9658
dan 406-545-9985
george 406-951-0067
tara 853-4742
arnie 853-8369
Posted by OE (+33) 13 years ago
You might need a little clarification here. If I remember right, I think the NRA banquet is being held at the Eagle CLUB, not Eagles MANOR.

I believe Eagles Manor is an assisted living or a retirement home; definitely not where the NRA banquet is being held.
The Eagles Club is on the corner of north 8th street, one block north off of Main Street in Miles City.

Just wanted to pass that along so folks don't show up at the wrong place. :-)
Posted by Larry (+150) 13 years ago
It is the Eagles Club on May 1st
Posted by Rydog (+70) 13 years ago
Additionally, I believe in your subject line you meant Banquet and not baquet (b┬Ěket?),n a wooden container filled with water, glass, and magnetized iron filings and iron rods protruding from it, which was used in group animal magnetism treatments. Patients simultaneously touch the rods to facilitate the flow of a healing magnetic energy among them.