Talked about on TV tonight.... thoughts?
Posted by Neveah (+43) 12 years ago

This was discussed on Fox News and CNN today... any thoughts?
Posted by Smiley (+854) 12 years ago
This is what I think everytime I hear about the healthcare bill. EXPLICIT, RUDE CONTENT*** Be careful, this video is super offensive, and I think I'll get banned, but I think of this everytime somebody, anybody, mentions healthcare
Posted by prospector86 (+84) 12 years ago
lol I love YouTube
Posted by Bruce Helland (+593) 12 years ago
Amazind the reaction you get when you challenge greed and averice. You can clearly see what motivates that doctor.

Interestingly enough I once asked a doctor, a specialist, why he chose the field he was in. The answer, spoken very succinctly, was: 'For the money.'