catering & wedding cakes
Posted by urlacher54 (+12) 13 years ago
I have friends that are getting married here in Miles City and was wondering who does catering and/or makes wedding cakes. If you know of anyone let me know. Thanks
Posted by tax payer (+350) 13 years ago
Robin Ketchum does a great job with both cakes and catering.

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Posted by Ryan (+483) 13 years ago
I used Albertsons who did a great job.
Posted by worldmom (+416) 13 years ago
My sister, Jaime, makes fabulous, unique wedding cakes! Her number is 234-3619, and you can see examples of her work at
Posted by CK (+845) 13 years ago
Yes! Jaime is awesome! Her cakes are Incredible! here is a link:
Posted by harvey (+2) 13 years ago
Susie Wells is awesome for catering. She also does flowers and decorating for receptions. Let me know if you would be interested in talking to her. She has many references.
Posted by prairie blossoms (+82) 13 years ago
Katrina Luther does an awesome wedding cake. Call her at 234-7289.
Posted by OE (+33) 13 years ago
Roadrunner Catering is great! They've done lots of caterings where I work for meetings, etc. Give Chris a call and visit with her. She's great!

Roadrunner Catering
[email protected]
Posted by Jenny3 (+187) 13 years ago
Robin and Suzie all the way. Both do awesome work. I have used them both.