Bucking Horse Sale
Posted by Joshua Austill (+92) 12 years ago
Could anyone here tell me who organizes the bucking horse sale? More specifically I'd like to find out how to get a stage so I could have a few bands from billings and the area come play at the street dance, so whoever knows about that hit me up
Posted by Cory Cutting (+1279) 12 years ago
I think that is usually handled by the tavern assn. Talk to Flotkoetter.
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11984) 12 years ago
Chamber of Commerce is in overall charge. The stages may already be booked. Planning for the BHS is like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Planning for the next one starts right after one gets over.
Posted by mule train (+1050) 12 years ago
3 weeks away from a good time...

Big Dry Bug...is Orby Hibee is sight?

T-Bone Tommy and I will be arriving Friday afternoon. Could you arrange an IV for me on Sat. morning?

DB...i have a new mix cd for you....Big Money Bonanza

see y'all soon

folf Sat?