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Posted by Betty Carter O'Brien (+14) 16 years ago
I just read some of the messages posted here and it all brought back many memories of Miles City. I do remember the Indian Reservation where the Miles City Golf & Country Club is now. I also remember Indian Jenny - she would frequent the Sweetheart Bakery in the l940's, where my mother worked, for day old bakery stuff - she also would come with a couple of her "buddies" to get goodies from the Landlord where Julie Etchemendy and I rented in the 1950's. The Landlady would acturally have them in for dinner many times - I also remember the Elk's Country Club -out past the KRJF or somewhere in that vacinity - The first time I went out to watch my husband and father-in-law play golf - I thought if this was golf they could keep it. Sand greens and gopher holes and cheat grass as the fairways. That was my first opinion of a golf course but it certainly has changed now.
Posted by Sharon Cain Clements (+14) 16 years ago
Gosh, have you ever got a wonderful menory. I do remember the indian reservation but not with nearly as much detail as you. I certainly remember when you lived just across the back from us and we had some fun times . Would love to hear all about you and the O'Brien children. Sharon
Posted by Betty O'Brien (+118) 16 years ago
Just got to checking back into the discussions of Miles City and I certainly do remember you, Sharon, and living behind you for years - all through my high school years. I have 3 girls all married and have given me 9 grandkids - that's enough when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. It's great just looking back at the memories of Miles City.
Went back for my 50th high school graduation in 2001 and my it has changed but still the same friendly people -
Posted by Fred South (+8) 16 years ago
I remember the Indian Reservation, too. Moved to 601 Missouri in August 1944 and was shocked to see Indians still living in tepees. Also saw the men in loin cloths standing in line for a steam bath in their "sweat lodge."

I played on that golf course out by the radio station. It was my first game of golf and I shot 69 on 9 holes. Wasn't much of a course.

Fred South
Posted by pulmonade (+116) 16 years ago
Can anyone remember what tribe occupied the reservation? This is the first I have ever heard of a reservation existing in miles city. Very interesting information.
Posted by Pete Petro (+285) 16 years ago
It wasn't really a reservation. It was a camp where many Indians coming to MC would stay, although it did have a few permanent residents. I'm assuming that most of the Indians staying there were Cheyenne or Crow since those are the closest reservations and some Indians still traveled by wagon in those days. The camp was located where the Town and Country Club is now.
Posted by Polly Culp (+10) 16 years ago
You probably don't remember me, but I lived next door to you on Missouri in 1948. You were just a little kid and I was a big high school student!! My parents ran the little neighborhood grocery store, which was on one side of our house. I remember the Indians coming in to buy things. They would buy a loaf of bread, pay for it - then buy something else, pay for it - it used to drive my sister crazy because her lunch was getting cold while they decided what to buy next! Ray and Al Boese were my parent's names, they knew your parents very well.

Polly Culp (formerly Florence Boese)