Griz Make the NCAA Tourney
Posted by Bob Netherton II (+1904) 13 years ago
I'm not the biggest Griz fan in the world, but the Griz pulled off a hell-of-a-win tonight. After being down by 20 at halftime, the Griz beat Weber State by a point. Anthony Johnson scored 42 for the Griz, 34 in the second half. Good luck in the tourney!
Posted by trey (+45) 13 years ago
I am the biggest Griz fan ever... never question the determination of a grizzly bear!!!! Ask South Dakota State. Go Griz!!
Posted by mule train (+1055) 13 years ago
trey is my hero!
Posted by Mike Zier (+132) 13 years ago
Just don't ask Villanova!

It was a great second half. It was nice to see a Western North Dakotan and Eastern Montanan play big roles-----
Posted by Heavychevy (+44) 13 years ago
A glendive kid misses huge freethrows to send montana walking out of tournament..