Miles City Youth Hockey/Miles City Generals
Posted by John Uden (+206) 12 years ago
With the authorization of the Miles City Youth Hockey Association I am starting to put together the history of organized youth hockey in Miles City from it's inception through the current Miles City Generals hockey program. I would encourage anybody who has historical knowledge of the program to contact me either by email, letter or phone with their information. Included in my research will be information relative to MCYHA alumni who have gone on to play hockey at the college level or with any other recognized hockey club or association (i.e.: Western Hockey League). Any help/information you might be able to provide will be truly apreciated. My email is [email protected] My mailing address is P.O. Box 151, Miles City, Mt 59301 My phone is 951-3060 Thank you in advance for any information you might be able to provide to me.

John Uden
Posted by Shu (+1796) 12 years ago
John - I have some info as I played a year as a third-grader, I believe. I will email you with my memoirs later.
Posted by Diona Austill (+183) 12 years ago
Talk to Rolly Swick - he helped out when my little brother played back in the late 60s early 70s.

Posted by Kari Nicol (+8) 12 years ago
John - I used to play for the Miles City Lady Generals from the time they started in the 1995-1996 season until I graduated in 2002. I was the goalie for the team.
~Kari Nicol
Posted by Connie Delaware (+14) 12 years ago
The Miles City Youth Hockey Association was formed in the fall or Winter of 1984. The first President was Gary Mathews. Others involved at the beginning were Dale Marcil, the Leidholds', Rev.Randy Hoff, Loren Delaware, Ron Hunziker,Patrick Lynch, the Fjells' and many, many others. All of the many hours of coaching, hockey/skating lessons, maintenance of the original rink, transporting team members, and fund raising was done on a voluntary basis.
There were many a night the old fire hoses were rolled out at 1:00 AM (not the warmest time to be out), to make ice. Some of the Mom's really looked forward to helping with this!!

My memories are Gallons of sloppy-joes; and baking cookies when Hubby and I were home during the week. I remember one winter that he coached, and we had boys playing with two age groups. He would go one way with a group in the vehicle; and, I would go the other way with a group in the other vehicle. That winter, we were home two weekends from the first of October thru the end of March.

It was time well spent not only with our own children; but, for a great organization that we were told would not last long.

Many thanks to those still involved.