WWII serving sign at Courthouse
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11984) 19 years ago
We are trying to track down the eventual end of a large and fairly fancy sign that used to stand in front of the old (pre-1949) courthouse. It was set up during WWII and had a list of names of all the area residents serving in the military. It was there through the war years but does anyone have the faintest idea what happened to it afterwards?

Any hints would help!

Posted by JEANNE M BOLE (+39) 19 years ago
Dear Amorette,
I sure hope you find the sign. My brother and I used to
walk up and look at it every time we went to the movies
which was at least 2 times a week. Our Uncle Hugh's name
was on the board and we got very prideful feeling when we
saw it. The very day that you posed your question I was
wondering if it was still there. Talk about ESP.
also I was wondering where the 3 movie theatres were
located. I think they were called The Star, The Liberty
and of course The Montana.
Jeanne Bole