Be on the lookout for stolen items
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11957) 12 years ago
Got this from the Historical Society listserve: The robbery was in Butte.

Hi all,
Just a line to let you all know sometime from last Tuesday to Friday night Tony's Tin shop and ALL the cabins in the cabbage patch were broken into and hundreds of items are missing. The Butte weekly and KXLF are both doing a story on this and I just wanted to ask everyone to keep their eyes and ears open to stop these #$%^@& Thieves!
Besides all locks cut and a rear window smashed for entry, a partial list of missing items include:
- Antique mirror from chest of drawers
- Hope chest
- two spittoons
- one large picture of an Eagle and several smaller pics from Butte
- several oil lamps
- Tony's advertising signs (that were in front window)
- The huge 75 gal. Solid Copper still that was on display in the moonshiners shack
- several antique animal traps
- a Thunderjug (c. 1890)
- Picture viewer from the 1890's and two pictures (3d)
- tins
From my stash of Vintage auto stuff for Ebay
- Eighteen (18) car radiators, one from the 30's the rest from the 50s and 60s.
- approximately 25 sets of door sills for antique cars each worth around $50 to $75 a set
- Carbs, alternators, water pumps, dash gauges, radios.
- late 1930's Ford 3 speed transmission
- early 50's GM 3 speed transmission

As I said this is just a partial list and Myself, Dick Gibson and Pat Mohan now have a Reward for $750 in wonderful US FIAT money for the arrest and conviction of these wonderful Butte Citizens. Thanks for your help ! Denny Dutton 498-9974

I suspect the car stuff will be marketed to collectors, not hauled to a pawn shop, so local car enthusiasts should be on the look out.
Posted by SS66 (+441) 12 years ago
Wow, they must have had a semi! Watch ebay in the coming months..
Posted by David Schott (+17509) 12 years ago
Posted by Bob Netherton II (+1911) 12 years ago
Amorette said #$%^&!
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11957) 12 years ago
Actually, I just did a cut and paste. The #$%^& came from the original posting and those guys are from Butte!

These guys probably headed out of state but I still wanted folks to know. Just in case. We have some serious petrol heads in this town.