"Texas" Harry Bradstreet in Montana 1880-90
Posted by K Rademacher (+6) 11 years ago
Hi, all, I see a lot of discussion of the Fergus County area here, so maybe someone can offer some resources...

I am seeking information on Harry BRADSTREET, born in Texas around 1845. In the 1880 US Census he was listed in Freeze To Death, Montana, and noted that his parents were born in Tennessee.

He married Stella M. WHITE (born in Vermont, died in Massachusetts) on 10 July 1890 in Fergus County, Montana. He may have been dead (or only divorced) by 1898, when Stella married my great-grandfather in New Hampshire.

Harry and Stella's children were:
Laura J BRADSTREET, born 1890 in Montana
Alice N BRADSTREET, born 1894 in Massachusetts
Sadie Edna BRADSTREET, born 1896 in Massachusetts.

The three girls were listed twice in the 1900 US census; one week they were boarding with Tom and Kate Duffy in Gilt Edge (the Duffys boarded people frequently), and the next they were in the Fergus County Poor Farm in Lewiston. Their father is not documented in that census, and their mother was already in New Hampshire with her new husband and a new baby. By the 1910 census, Stella had retrieved all three daughters and they were living with her new family.

A 1933 issue of the Billings Gazette in Montana contained an article about rodeo antiquities and mentioned a six-strand rawhide reata (some form of throw rope?) made in 1883 by "Texas" Harry Bradstreet.

That's the sum total of my information. Anything you can add would be greatly appreciated!

- Kim
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+591) 11 years ago
Fergus County's website has some great stories posted that you may enjoy reading. It was still a rough neighborhood in 1900. Look-up sources are also listed. http://www.fergus.mtgenweb.org/

In 1883-84 Montana Taxpayers Directory- Henry Bradstreet was living in Meagher County raising stock at Maginnis.

(Pease bottom, Gilt Edge, Ft Maginnis were in the same region.)

Harry Bradstreet filed two homestead claims in Fergus County- 160 acres on 4/20/1892 and 80 acres on 11/28/1900.

In 1914 Alfred T Bradstreet filed in Fergus Co on 80, 36.88, 37.16 acres. I do not know if they are related.
Posted by Maryann McDaniel (+254) 11 years ago
Burrr....Does not sound like Freeze to Death, Montana, in the late 1890s would be a place I would have wanted to live in and I don't blame his wife for going back to Massachusetts.
Posted by Kenny Vail (+121) 11 years ago
After pulling these out of a newpaper search, I have no idea if either are the same guy:

"Lawyer H. H. Voorhees, of Camden, yesterday received notice that the Court of Chancery had granted a divorce to Harry R. Bradsheet from Mamie S. Bradstreet. Among the persons named as co-respondents was an ex-Congressman of New York." [Philadelphia Inquirer - 2/6/1897

"Harry S. Bradstreet and Miss Mabel Runge arrived from Minniapolis last night for a visit with Fire Chief A. H. Runge." [Grand Forks Herald (North Dakota) - 8/13/1904]

Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+591) 11 years ago
Franklin, NH Death record
Sept 13, 1893 age 1 Bertha Broadstreet daughter of Harry Broadstreet born Texas and Stella White born Vermont

Divorce record - Rockingham, granted- listed in The Hamptons News issue July 14, 1921
June 1921
Stella M Lougee, Exeter from Albert S Lougee- extreme cruelty
Posted by K Rademacher (+6) 11 years ago
Hi, Cindy, Thanks for the history link above; great site!

I had seen the land claims before, but thanks for the reminder. I had neglected to include them among my documentations.

Regarding Bertha's death certificate and the divorce decree for Stella and Albert: where on earth did you find those?? They are not on ancestry.com. I have not looked for this branch of the family in the NH archives in Concord yet; now I will have to get to New Hampshire post haste. Do you have a link to where you found this information?

I did not know about Bertha before. I have to wonder to whom Stella kept coming back east to have those babies. The divorce is a total shock - Not only is Stella listed as "widowed" in the 1930 census (Albert died in 1924), but one or both of them must be rolling in their graves, because they are parked directly next to each other, under the same stone!

Thanks for intensifying the mystery.

- Kim
Posted by K Rademacher (+6) 11 years ago
Thanks, Kenny. I will have to check these out. At first I thought the divorce notice might have been the more famous Harry R. Bradstreet and wife Laura, who very publicly sued him and his mistress for alienation of affections; but no, these are different folks.

As for the North Dakota story, I just dunno.

- Kim
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+591) 11 years ago
That region of Montana was rather lawless in those years. Also there was a financial "Panic" in 1893 & banks & railroads failed, including the bank in Miles City, & livestock prices fell dramatically. Plus the winter of 1893-94 was very harsh.

There is a genealogical society in Lewistown that will do research for very small fees. They meet above the library and list these
resources available: Central Montana Church Records, Cemetery and Mortuary Records, Birth and Marriage Records, Montana Census Films, Local Histories and Newspaper Microfilms.
Email [email protected]

Here are the reference links you requested-