Great site to
Posted by Bill (+28) 18 years ago
This is a huge site across the nation. It allows people to post wanted ads, look for items for sale/give away, find jobs, rant and rave about anything, look for their next one night stand or ltr.. you get the point... No advertisements just pure simple online free postings. Finally I see Montana has one for themselves. Its still pretty new to Montana but just watch it explode as soon as word of mouth gets around.

Check it out at:

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Posted by Olivia (+56) 18 years ago
Truly the greatest website of all time is:

It just doesn't get any better.
Posted by Sarahkt99 (+57) 18 years ago
Craigslist one one of the greatest things ever invented. I live on the East Coast and I use it all the time. You can buy and sell pretty much anything you want. I am buying a bike off of the site and just purchesed tickets for an NFL game. I was hired at my job after seeing a job listing on the website. Now I hire pretty much all my employees from leads I get from the website. I know that this is brand new to Miles City, but it is the best!
Posted by L G (+77) 18 years ago
nuff said
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr (+15582) 18 years ago
This WILL drive you nuts. Enjoy!