Super Bowls vs. Presidents
Posted by Slosh (+695) 13 years ago
Any intersting idea, especially for history buffs and football buffs. Basically the guy is comparing U.S. Presidents and Super Bowls. This year will be the 44th Super Bowl, and of course Obama is the 44th President. The only time in history that it will happen. So the guy debates what was better, President 1 (Washington) or Super Bowl 1 (Green Bay vs. Kansas City). An interesting sight.

P.S. to you smartalecks out there, I know the Green Bay vs. Kansas City game wasn't calle the Super Bowl yet.
Posted by Kyle L. Varnell (+3751) 13 years ago
Seeing as how we're making the comparison here, I thought that even in his last years our Nation's 40th President:

Ronald W. Reagan

had a whole lot more on the ball than the "Officials" did in

Super Bowl XL

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