Posted by teeny wells (+11) 11 years ago
Mike has passed away on Nov 23, 2009 after a short but couragous battle with lung cancer.The natural question is "did he smoke", yes he did but had quit some 20 years ago and had got into a daily regimen of going to the gym.

He was in the class of '68, but had graduated in Big Fork, where his family had moved.

He was in the football team and was chosen to play in the East/West Shrine game (?) but was drafted to the army where he was sent to Vietnam. Due to an injury there, they had to amputate his leg below the knee.

He went to college in Missula and received several degrees. He tells of the wild and wooly times spent there.

He married and had 4 children, later divorced and raised his oldest daughter who lived with him.

His obituary will be posted shortly in the Miles Star.

I thought if anyone who remembered him could send me some stories, i would send them onto his daughter.

I remember of a time he said he padlocked the police in their building and they had to call outside help to get them out. Must have been before it was required to have 2 exits!!

my email is [email protected]

here is a link that also mentions Mike and his funeral.
check under the Funeral Honor Guard
Posted by Bill Zook (+497) 11 years ago
Mike was a former student of mine in high school. He not only was a good student but was sharp witted and fun to visit with. He came to visit me while in MC in the late '80s and we had a good visit then. We had bought the house they had lived in and moved it so he was curious about that process as well. He shared that he was working with vets suffering from PTSD and that he had lost a leg in Nam. Seems to me that he was living in Helena at the time and I imagine working with Ft. Harrison vets at the hospital there. May he rest in peace.