FEMA -new meanings from within Congress!
Posted by Chad (+1763) 16 years ago
FEMA can stand for a lot. Here are some of our ideas:

F---! Evacuate! Move on! Apply Blame;
Finally Emergency Men Arrive;
Federal Experts, My Ass;
Falsely Exaggerating Management of Accidents;
Fail to Evacuate and Manage Appropriately;
Forget Ever Managing Again;
For Evacuees, Missing in Action;
Flood Evacuation? Maybe After;
Fearing Every Mass Attack;
Federal Emergency Mismanagement Agency;
Funneling Everyone's Money Away;
Few Emergencies Merit Attention;
Federal Emergencies Managed Atrociously;
Forget Emergencies, can't Manage Anything;
Feeble Excuses Mounting All over;
Flood Event Maims Administration;
Failure Eventually Means Asskicking;
Foreseeable Election Matter Already;
Finally Evaluating Messy Aftermath;
Federal Excuse-Making Agency;
Failed to Evacuate My Ass;
Failure to Effectively Manage Anything;
Farting Each Minute Automatically;
F---ing Evacuate Masses Appropriately;
Fumbling Every Major Attack;
F--- Every Minority in America;
F--- Every Man and Animal;
F--- Everything, Massive Anarchy;
Farewell, Emergency Mike, Adios;
and our favorite, Former Equestrian Managers Association.

This list was passed on to me by a member of the Congressional secretarial pool in Washington D.C. It is being added to and passed around within the walls of the Capital building.
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11757) 16 years ago
Snort. I must pass these on in my family.

Posted by Heath H (+641) 16 years ago
Posted by Tucker Bolton (+3677) 16 years ago

a very special "lemmon currie" to you for this posting. How about, Feeble Efforts Managed by A**holes.