Thinking of lost family
Posted by Jill Olson (+20) 12 years ago
Taking a moment to remember my loved ones that I have lost over the years. With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow I am thinking about how thankful I am to have had such wonderful people in my life.
My son, Chase Bramble, who passed away only 13 hours after he was born. I miss him everyday.
My grandpa, Harold Smith, who was the strongest person I have ever known.
My cousins, Brianna Frahm and Kyle Hietbrinck, who would still be with us today if not for tragic car accidents.
I am thinking about you and miss you all very much.
Posted by Denise Selk (+1672) 12 years ago
Jill, thank you for a beautiful post.
Posted by stacy regan (+115) 12 years ago
Jill - I"m right there with you. Thanksgiving was the last holiday I spent with my Dad, and he passed away 4 days after the holiday. I disliked Thanksgiving for a long time, but now I am like you, and I use it as a time to remember all of my family that has passed before me. We should all stop and give our kids, spouses, ect. a big hug and let them know we love them

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6068) 12 years ago
I am thankful for the 32+ years I was able to share with my Grandpa McCullough before he passed away this year. He was an outstanding human being and I miss him very much.
Posted by Cynthia A. (+198) 12 years ago
my last grandparent passed away this august ~ I am so thankful to have had her for as long as I did. One of my dearest friends that I had known for 25 years was killed in January...taking time this season to be greatful for the blessings of having known those who have gone on...and to enjoy the time I have with those in my life now. We MUST chose to live life, we never know what tomorrow holds. Leave no day lived with a grudge held. Live no day without letting others know of your love.
Posted by Jill Olson (+20) 11 years ago
Happy Birthday to my son Chase he would be 16.