Food service do's & don'ts
Posted by Hal Neumann (+9528) 10 years ago
One Hundred Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do (Part 1)
Posted by 14prairie (+83) 7 years ago
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Posted by Frank Hardy (+1437) 7 years ago
Miles City restaurant top 10 do's:

10. Make sure to have a pigeon trap with an adequate number of crowbars nearby.

9. Be sure to only use vegetables that have lingered through at least 3 days of heating, cooling, and reheating.

8. If you become a huge historical success be sure to have an imbecilic arsonist burn you down.

7. One for the customer: Always tip to the next dollar. Don't overtip. Servers get spoiled and expect it.

6. Close the kitchen at least 10 minutes before your posted closing. Offer the remaining soup if anyone comes in and wants to eat. Just toss some of the veggies in if there's none left and add water.

5. Have your servers trained in quality customer care by shadowing a few shifts at M&H or at Walmart.

4. Do not follow ANY regular hours. Open and close.....whenever.

3. Train your hosts to memorize and become fluent using the following greetings: "Just one?" "Do you need a menu?" "Be with you in a minute." "I'm sorry, but we're really busy right now." "Do you need change?"

2. Offer a table where the city council can hold meetings with SOME semblance of privacy.

1. Join the cavalcade headed to "Frank Hardy's Hawaiian Hot Dog House" on Facebook and Yelp.

Posted by Wendy Wilson (+6175) 7 years ago
You forgot the following rule:

Always ask if they "want fries with that" even if you don't serve fries.
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