Photographer at Bucking Horse Sale...???
Posted by Kathy Beauchot (+158) 12 years ago
I received an email a couple of days ago asking about a photographer who had a photo of Kinsey Bridge in his collection. This man was apparently one of the vendors in the park during the Bucking Horse Sale. I was in the park selling my soap that day, but I didn't see him. I wonder if anyone knows who he was and could let me know.
Thank you,
Kathy Beauchot
Posted by Bruce Helland (+594) 12 years ago
Maybe Aaron Roth? Visits this site sometimes
Posted by Jana (+75) 12 years ago
If I remember correctly, I asked if that was the Kinsey bridge- and they told me that it wasn't. (Although it did look like it-I inquired because I'm from Kinsey)

Sorry I can't help you with the name. You could try calling out to the Custer County Art Center. They may have an idea.
Posted by Aaron Roth (+13) 12 years ago
I am probably the person that you are after. I was selling pictures of bridges at the Bucking Horse Sale. If you would like to see some of my work check out my website. If you would like to contact me my number is 951-3255 or email [email protected] Thanks.

Aaron Roth
Posted by Cheryl Gaer-Barlow (+487) 12 years ago
Aaron, I checked out your site. Your work is beautiful! You are very talented!
Posted by Bart Freese (+934) 12 years ago
Wow, that is great.