Think big, start small
Posted by Linda Stallard Santoro (+19) 17 years ago
I have been away from this forum for some time but
really enjoyed catching up.
I agree that a small dining room perhaps in one of the
older homes in town would be nice.
I like the idea of a dining room open
in the evening. Only a few tables, a limited fresh menu
that would change with availability. I think you could
go non-smoking, most people will go along with that.
Bringing your own liquor would work but I do not know
if the liquor laws in MT take that into consideration.
Somehow the old Ten Spot Diner comes to mind when we
talk about small places. Don't remember if the food
was good or even who owned/ran the place.
I would love to see some of the old buildings downtown
put to good use but do not know what it would take to
bring them up to code for such an endeavor.
Anyway, enough for now. Look forward to hearing your
comments. I, too, have lived in or near very large
cities with a diversity of cuisine. Have enjoyed living
in other countries and their foods. We have several
people in Miles City with old family recipies that
might be encouraged to share. Pete Leo is one for the
Italian menu.
Take care. Enjoy the Holidays and the New Year.