Growth Management Survey
Posted by Joe Whalen (+180) 20 years ago
The Miles City/Custer County Planning Office has dropped off Growth Management Surveys at various locations throughout the city/county, including the bookstore. Community feedback is requested in order to help shape development over the next ten years. These surveys are due back to the Planning Office by December 20, 2002. The issues highlighted in the survey include:

Land Use
Housing Needs
Economic Activity
Local Services
Public Facilities
Recreational Use/Facilities
Natural Resources

More specifically, the Planning Board intends to address these focused topics:

Floodplain and Dike
Transportation Needs and Concerns
Storm Drainage
Water and Sewer, Existing and Improvements
Base and Projected Land Use Types and Locations
Parks and Recreational Facilities
Historic Areas
Bike/Pedestrian Paths
Detention Center
Senior Citizen's Center
Commercial Signage

These surveys are available through Miles City Books & News or, I presume, directly from the Miles City/Custer County Planning Office.

Another thought: Wouldn't this be a great forum in which to publicly hammer out these issues? We could post each of the questions of the survey and submit the responses to the Planning Board for consideration. Contact information is optional on these surveys so it's likely that all comments would be given equal weight by the board members. I'd be happy to print out all posts and submit them along with the completed surveys.

Who's game?

Posted by Amorette Allison (+12614) 20 years ago
Joe is describing a specific survey that the city/county planning board put out. I have filled mine out (there are six actual questions) and am taking it to John Marks' office tomorrow. (He's the city/county planner.)

If anybody here in Miles City wants to put in their two cents towards what the plans are for the future, you have until Friday, Dec. 20 to fill the survey out. I have them at my office, Joe has them at his place, they are also available at City Hall, the library, probably the County Courthouse.

Posted by Joe Whalen (+180) 20 years ago
Kathy Doeden called me this afternoon to remind me that the Planning Board is meeting again this evening. The board is still very interested in responses to their Growth Management Survey from those of us who would like to offer input.

Input may be provided by completing the survey or responding to the questions that are about to be posted to this forum. I'll print out the responses and forward them to Kathy and the Planning Board for their review.