Martial arts
Posted by CK (+851) 14 years ago
Are there any karate or martial arts classes of any kind offered here in town?

I searched the phone book and came up with dead ends no matter how I looked.


Posted by atomicg (+1022) 14 years ago
There used to be Tae Kwon Do at the Centra (Miles Community College) when I was younger. I really enjoyed it, there was a regular class then an advanced class afterwards. Kids and adults all enrolled together. Great program instructed by Lou Vadheim (spelling?) but not sure anymore. Call the Centra, or Rob Bishop (athletics dept) at MCC. You might also check Forsyth.

Jamie Lorimore (spelling again?) has a high ranking belt, if you can find him around he might know something, I haven't talked to Jamie in years though...I think he taught some classes in the Elks or Eagles basement for a while a few years back. Can't remember as I've been gone for 7 years and just came back this summer.