William Wolff
Posted by Michael Conrad Swanson (+8) 16 years ago
I am researching the Wolff genealogy and there is a William Wolff who moved to Miles City before 1900 whose father was Karl Wolff (b. 07 Dec 1813 Prussia, d. 20 Mar 1906 Michigan City, La Porte County, Indiana) and mother was Johanna Sophia Elizabeth Hillman (b. 31 May 1811 Galenbeck, Gehren Parish, Mecklenburg).

William Wolff leased a ferry in Miles City in the 1890s and lived in the house at the south of the ferry boat landing.

Karl Wolff, his father, is still a mystery as to city of birth and parents. If you know anything about William or William's ancestors, please respond.
Posted by Donna Nielsen (+7) 16 years ago
I'm not sure my great grandfather is the same William Wolff, but there appears to be some matching information. My ancestor, William Wallace Wolff, was born in Detroit in 1855, spent some time in the Dakota territory running a freight business and then settled in Montana in the 1880's. I haven't heard that he ever leased a ferry, but that might relate to the freight business. ? He became one of the largest sheep ranchers in Montana, with a large ranch near Brandenburg.

He had a brother Charles, and our records show his father's name as Charles and mother as Mary Heldrick, although I have not been able to find much information on them. Family history information indicates that William's father died in Michigan City, Indiana, 1906. Could Charles and Karl be the same man?
Posted by Johnnie Lockett Thomas (+397) 16 years ago
Hoopes' This Last West lists the following.

Wolf, William W.: '56: born 8/19/56 detroit, Mich.; date? farms near Michigan City; '76: to Bismark, then to Black Hills; freighter, Bismark to Crook City and Deadwood; '80: stock business, near MC; '81: spring flood wipes him out; takes up ranch, up Tongue River; (Yellowstone Journal) 1/31/84) estimated 300 ssheep; on Tonhue River; '85; p.o. Brandenburg, MT; range Beaver Creek; (Yellowstone Journal 6/20/85) sheep Tongue River.

Entry F424 in As We Recall )submission made by Anne Leavitt Carlson and her children,) she states "In 1925, Mr. Leavitt (a prominent Miles City lawyer) was married to Emioly Wolff, who was born in Miles City in 1894 and lived there all her life. Mrs. Leavitt's parents, Mattie Kennedy Wolff and William Wolff, moved to Miles City from Iowa via wagon train in the very early days and were pioneer ranchers on Tongue River..."

I am no longer willing to do this sort of time consuming and costly family research, but perhaps someone at library will look up these notations for you. Also suggest that you ask them to search the 1880 and 1900 MC census records and that you write to Custer County clerk to see if there is a death certificate for your William and his family members. A quick look at the cemetery records showed no results for him. Newspapers are a great source, however.

Hope this helps.

Johnnie Lockett Thomas

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Posted by Jack McRae (+362) 16 years ago
In the 1900 census William W. Wolff lives in twp 1, range 44. He was born in Michigan in July 1854. Both of his parents were born in Germany. His occupation is stock raising. I believe his wife's name is Lucy. They have been married 8 years and have no children. She was born in Michigan in October 1867. Her father was born in Ireland and her mother in New York.

Also in Custer County in the 1900 census was William H. Wolff who lives in Miles City. He was born in Pennsylvania in March 1861. His parents were both born in Germany. His occupation is butcher. His wife is Mary and they have been married 8 years and have two children. She was born in Wisconsin in January 1867. Her father was born in Ireland and her mother in Vermont. Their children are Emily born in Montana January 1894 and Mary born in Montana November 1898.

In 1910 William W. Wolff is still living in twp 1, range 44, but it is now Rosebud County. He is single with his fourteen year old daughter, Grace, living with him. That doesn't agree with the 1900 census (no children.) She was born in Montana. His occupation is rancher and stockman.

In 1910 William H. Wolff is living in the 3rd ward, Miles City with his wife and two daughters. His occupation is still butcher

In 1920 William Wolf is widowed and living in District 26, Rosebud County. He has no family with him but a housekeeper and four hired men. He is a rancher.

In 1920 William H. Wolff and his wife are living on South Center Ave in Miles City. It appears his occupation is proprietor of a drag line.

In 1930 William Wolf is living in the Brandenberg School District No. 26. He has a wife Rose H. who is 43 (he is over 70) who was born in Minnesota. He has a 13 year old stepdaughter, Maxine Anderson. He is a rancher on a sheep ranch and has two ranch hands living with him.

In 1930 Matie Wolff is widowed and living in Miles City with the family of Lynn Ingersoll (that name has showed up on milescity.com before.)

A William Wolff died in Miles City in either March or September 1934 at the age of 78.
Mary Wolf died in Miles City December 8, 1932.

This web site is about William H. Wolff http://worldconnect.roots...&id=I10460
Posted by Michael Conrad Swanson (+8) 16 years ago
See if this rings a bell for his parents:

2. Charles Wolff, born 07 Feb 1847 in Stettin, Pomerania; died 1924 in Michigan City, La Porte County, Indiana. He was the son of 4. Karl Wolff and 5. Johanna Sophia Elizabeth Hillman. He married 3. Ida Cook 30 Mar 1884.
3. Ida Cook, born 09 Dec 1865; died 11 Mar 1947. She was the daughter of 6. Charles Cook and 7. Charlotte Westphal.

Notes for Charles Wolff:
He came to American at the age of 9. He moved to a farm near Michigan City in 1877 and moved to town in 1899. He was a director on the board of the First National Bank and Michigan City Trust and Savings Bank.

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Posted by Michael Swanson (+6) 5 years ago
The following book has the genealogy of William Wallace Wolff of Miles City.


Ancestry of Alma Marie Swanson nee Weidemann (1904-2004) of Vassar, Michigan Paperback – July 24, 2016
by Michael Conrad Swanson