Web Site Updates
Posted by Webmaster (+10014) 21 years ago
Hello Everyone,
If you've been to before, then you may have noticed quite a few changes around here. I'm in the process of upgrading the site so it is more interactive and offers more content that is better organized.

Some areas aren't finished yet, but new additions that are currently functional include:

* Free E-cards - Send electronic postcards from to people you know. This is a fun feature. Try it out!

* Free Screen Savers - Download a screen saver to customize your computer. The L.A. Huffman Screen Saver is available now, and if this is popular, more will be in the future.

* News - Links to over 400 current news stories organized into 10 categories. This is a great place to just click around and see what is going on in the world.

* Directory - Lots of Miles City related links. You can now add and update listings in the directory. New sidebar with "Most Visited Links" and "Newest Additions/Updates" have been added.

* Discussion Forums - You're looking at one. I encourage everyone to peruse the categories and post a few messages to spark conversations. Let me know if you have a suggestion for a new category that you would like to see.

* New Home Page - The goal is to offer "quick links" to some of the more recent and popular content at the site.

* Contact Us - An easy to use form for sending e-mail to

* "You Are Here" bar - This tiny bar at the top of the screen (the gray one) should always show you were you are in the web site. Used in conjunction with the red tab bar, it makes navigation very easy.

* User Accounts - After you create an account, this allows many features of the web site to be extremely easy to use. You will see more features built upon this area.

And various other stuff. I hope you enjoy the changes!

I've spent quite a bit of time building, and still have a long way to go. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or content to contribute it would be much appreciated.

Also, please don't forget to tell everyone you know about so it can grow!

Regards, Larry Antram Webmaster
Posted by Ellen Kay Compton (+16) 21 years ago
Thank you for a most informative and helpful website. I am researching my relative, William Frederick Schmalsle,
who was a Buffalo hunter, Indian guide, Scout, and Courier to Lieutenant Baldwin and General Miles. All were
involved in the Red River Wars and the rescue of the German (Germaine) sisters. If anyone is interested, I have
a very thick 3-ring notebook on the above, especially on Schmalsle. I have to start a second notebook, as the first
one is bulging at the seams! Also, I have some books on General Miles, Lieutenant Baldwin, and the German sisters.
If anyone is interested in the above information and/or has information for me, I am willing to help. Please contact
Ellen Kay Hillemann/Compton, [email protected]