Saw 2 Dogs on north side of town
Posted by CK (+852) 12 years ago
A few minutes ago, my dogs were barking like crazy so I went to the back yard to see what was up. There were 2 dogs, one was small and black and white (really cute, looked like an older dog). The other was a medium sized dog that was black, with brown feet and had short hair. I have no idea what kind of dogs they were, because I just don't know dog breeds that well.

I tried to convince them to come over to me co I could read their collars (as they both had one on), but as I got closer, my dogs barked even louder and it scared them away. They went running down North Garland towards Garfield Elementary School.

Sorry I couldn't catch them. I hope if you are missing them, this will point you in the right direction.