Hunters Chance to give back!
Posted by Ryan Karren (+6) 13 years ago
Sportsman: We have a great opportunity to show our appreciation to those landowners that have allowed us access to their lands for hunting. I believe that such actions will open up more opportunities for us. Here is the post:

Gents, This weekend we pulled off another much appreciated Block Management work day south of Colstrip on the Doug McRae ranch.

This morning (Monday) I received a message on my machine from Lavonne Forman of the Brown ranch. For those of you who don't know, this is a great ranch that has been very hunter friendly and in Block Management. Her husband died in a ranch accident a year ago. Lavonne was wondering if it would be possible to round up a crew to help her put up a stack yard this fall.

I am just throwing out a date. Would anyone be able to help out on Saturday Sept 26th? Let me know ASAP and I will get it going.


If you are interested call Jack Austin with Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.