Posted by JEANNE M BOLE (+39) 17 years ago
I just read an interesting article in the June issue of Gourmet re:
Walmart. It claims before long we will be eating the Walmart way
with water added to all of our meat,buying the products they have
decided to let exist.
I don't know about you but I feel a revolt coming. I do shop at
Sam's Club & Costco here in Denver. We also have a wonderful meat
market here, which costs an arm and a leg but sure tastes good.
I also like Costco meat .
the article ends on a cryptic note that pretty soon we will all
be living in a world that Wal-Mart built.
I don't know how to attach and put the article out there so maybe
someone else will.
Thanks for listening.
Posted by Cinda C (+92) 17 years ago
Until my local butcher shop for some reason would close, you won't catch me but VERY OCCASIONALLY purchasing red meat somewhere else. I find comfort in knowing where my meat comes from. And it's economically benefiting! Go figure.
Posted by Dona Stebbins (+826) 17 years ago
Some of us are lucky enough to live in Montana and have friends who ranch We go in with another family and split a cow and a pig each year. Not only do we know where the meat comes from, the money goes directly to the folks who provide the product, which incidentally beats the hell out of meat from anyplace else I ever tried. I HATE Walmart.