old eyeglasses
Posted by TDF (+158) 13 years ago
I decided to clean out my "everything" drawer today and discovered I have 8 pair of eyeglasses. Does anyone know if there are still drop-off boxes located around town for used eyeglasses?
Posted by Corrina (Sturdevant) Harrell (+74) 13 years ago
I have noticed drop boxes at the Airport Inn and at Miles City Vision Clinic. I am not sure of anywhere else.
Posted by Kelly (+2839) 13 years ago
Just ate at Airport Inn for lunch and did notice the drop boxes are still there.
Posted by Josh Rath (+2309) 13 years ago
The East Montana Vision Center has a box also. Most convenient location if you live downtown.
Posted by Dillpickle (+38) 13 years ago

I believe all three Eye Dr's offices have collection boxes for Lions Club international.

You can also drop your glasses off at the drop boxes at the Airport Inn.

The glasses will be cleaned, sorted, and those suitable will be sent to third world countries for those in need.

Dr King's office is at Holy Rosary.

Dr. Lunde's office can be located on Main.

Or, you can drop them off at my office 515 Main, next to the 519, and we will process your glasses for you.

Thank you for considering donating your glasses to those in need.