Old Yellow Roses
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11984) 21 years ago
In spite of the hideous weather, I am trying to think spring! Yellow roses are one of the oldest, hardiest roses around. Lots of folks brought twigs or plants with them on wagon trains or up river on the steamboat.
My mother has some old yellow roses at her house that probably date to around 1910, since they are against the 1905 addition on her house. Does anyone in town have a bush that they suspect is REAL old? I'm asking as both the Historic Preservation Officer and the Star garden columnist. I don't expect anyone to post their address to an open forum but I'm interested in any stories about old yellow roses in eastern MT.
Posted by JEANNE M BOLE (+39) 19 years ago
dear amorette,
i wonder if there is any way a rose bush could be started
and shipped. i would love to have one. i would love to also
get some of your wonder berries. i would pay for the berries
and rose starter and shipping and handling. i know iam
going to stay where i am hopefuly. i can think of nothing
better than having a little bit of Miles City in my yard.
thank you,
jeanne bole