Dusting Off the Old Ones - 4/25/05
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As indicated in an earlier message, here is the Dusting Off The Old Ones story that was published in the Miles City Star on 4/25/05.

Almeric H. Paget
Miles City Club Guest Book 1885

It is believed that Almeric Paget was probably in Miles City visiting his nephew, Sydney Paget, who was basically a remittance man of the wealthy English Paget family. In The Frontier Years, the following account is given of the younger Paget.

"Typical of the 'hale fellows well met' was Sydney Paget, a sportsman to the core and ardent lover of horse-racing. As the speeds of his little string of ponies were pretty well known, the town sharpies would promote a match whenever a faster horse came to town. As a result he was taken regularly, but this did not seem to dampen his arder, and money was not too difficult to secure from home to meet his losses".

Unlike his nephew, Almeric Hugh Paget, the Lord Queenborough, was an ambitious and prominent member of British nobility. He left Harrow, England, in late 1879 with few resources and moved to the American mid-west, herding cattle for several years near Le Mars, Iowa, where he was befriended by Theodore Roosevelt. He later relocated to St. Paul, Minnesota where he took up real estate sales. His brother, Arthur, introduced him into New York society where he developed further business contacts and met his first wife, Pauline Whitney. In 1901 he returned to England for his wife's health. Independently wealthy he became politically active after 1906 and in 1920 became treasurer of the League of Nations Union, an office he filled for sixteen years until he became disillusioned with the League's development and resigned.

Sydney Paget was not a complete failure. He returned to England and became famous as the illustrator of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series.
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Hi Tom, To reiterate what has been touched upon before, I think these stories are a great contribution to the community and look forward to more! Regards, Larry
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Good lord. OUR Sid Paget was Conan Doyle's illustrator. I did not know that until I read the article last week. Miles Citians get around, don't they?

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for taking the time to recount these stories. They are so interesting!

Hope you are doing well....

Nick Krumenacker
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Sydney (spelled with a Y) Paget was photographed in 1889 by L.A. Huffman. Paget did finally gain success, but not as the illustrator of the Sherlock Holmes stories. The illustrator, Sidney (spelled without a Y), was the son of Robert Paget, the vestry clerk of St. James and St. John in Clerkenwell. Miles City’s Paget was the son of Lord Alfred Paget.

Miles City’s Paget arrived in the area as a remittance man in about 1880. He was a frequent customer of Maggie Burn's 44 Parlor House (yep, a brothel), where he started his long-term relationship with Connie Hoffman, the infamous “Queen of Miles City.” Sydney Paget’s cattle and horse operation was on the Otter Creek, near present day Ashland. After years of having to pay gambling debts with his allowance from Britain, he later made a small fortune selling and racing horses. I will post the L.A. Huffman portrait and more biographical details on Facebook.

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