Thanks Hal !
Posted by David Harasymczuk (+39) 13 years ago
Outstanding info in the Library of Fur Trade Historical documents. I recently finished reading James Beckwourth's book, and am working my way down the list.
I found it very interesting to note he tramped all over where we grew up, plus pushed into the area where I now live. If one can believe even half of what he said, (I have no reason to doubt) he was one bad dude. His insight on the Indian way of life and the their ultimate demise at the hands of the Federalies was amazing and basically correct, as future events proved.
He could be a political analyst nowdays.

I have also read a number of your other linked posts and just wanted to say -Thank you! I appreciate it.
Posted by Hal Neumann (+10266) 13 years ago
Glad you enjoyed the reading there David. That fur trade / mountain man website is an excellent resource. It's been around forever (in internet terms) - it was one of the first websites I discovered back in the old days that actually had content. And unlike some organizations that build a webpresence only to let it die, these folks are still going strong.